March 30, 2023

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ISGS Jihadists took control of Thaladaye city

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Taladaye, about 150 km from Khao, has been controlled by Islamic State jihadists in the Greater Sahara (EIGS) since Tuesday evening, September 6, AFP reported, citing a local elected official, a regional official and an on-the-spot conversation. There are no casualties so far.

According to initial reports, the city fell to EIGS after heavy fighting with other armed groups in the region and with rival jihadists loyal to al-Qaeda.

According to a militant of Azawad’s Salvation Movement quoted by AFP EIGS people have arrived […] On motorcycles “Afternoon.” The fight lasted for three hours Then it’s “ At dusk The area fell into the hands of jihadists. The fighter says he took part in the fight himself before retreating.

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These wars are a good example of EIGS’ desire for territorial expansion. The terrorist organization has recently expanded its operations beyond its sphere of influence and, like much of the country, is virtually escaping state control on its own. Clashes have been regular in Mali since the conflict began in 2012.

French journalist Olivier Dubois, who was abducted in Kaohsiung in 2021, was there for an interview with a separate GSIM commander.

In a press release on Tuesday evening, the Malian military conducted “ Espionage attack Above separately.

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