March 22, 2023

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Israel confirms participation in African Lion organized in Morocco

UIt is not a formalization that comes a little late. The Israeli Ministry of Defense waited until the closure of the 18th edition of African Lion 2022, organized in Agadir, Dan Dan, Taroudant, Kenitra and Ben Gurir and Al Mahbez (70 km from Tintouf), to confirm its participation.

« Officials from the Ministry of Defense and the IDF participated for the first time in an international military exercise in Morocco last week: “African Lion 2022”, led by AFRICOM and the Royal Moroccan Armed Forces.“, the Israeli Defense Ministry said.

Two IDF officers and an attaché to the Minister of Defense

Ahead of the announcement, several national and international media reported on the participation of the Israeli army Tsahal in the largest joint military exercise in the Sahara. But no official Moroccan or Israeli source has confirmed this participation, despite the presence of the Jewish state flag on some of the posters.

In this Israeli participation, the Jewish state “It sent two IDF officers and the head of the Defense Ministry’s Middle East and North Africa Division to the Political and Politico-Military Bureau, which also serves as the Defense Ministry’s liaison to Morocco.“, according to the site The Times of Israel indicates that

« Israel’s participation in African Lion 2022 is another step in strengthening security ties between the countries. Security and defense relations between Israel and Morocco are part of a wider range of relations in the fields of economy, culture, and education.“, underlines the field of Benny Gantz.

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But not only security cooperation.

On November 24, during his two-day visit to Morocco, Benny GantzIsraeli Defense Minister Abdullahi Ludhiy signed with his Moroccan counterpart. A defense memorandum of understanding seals the military alliance between Morocco and Israel.

Since normalizing their relations within the framework of the US-initiated Trilateral Agreement, Morocco and Israel have expanded their cooperation. Political cooperation in many fields including aviation, agriculture, sports, culture and cyber security. It should be added Cooperation in the field of archeology, or who has Football field.

Who is Lapid?In the summer of 2021, the Israeli Foreign Minister, Benny Gantz, Defense in November 2021, his counterpart from Economics in February Orna Barbivai, Or Ayelet shookThe kingdom and the Jewish state want to strengthen their renewed ties, according to visits by Israeli officials last June.

To go further, the head of Moroccan diplomacy, Nasser Bourita, is expected to visit Israel, where he will open the Moroccan embassy and sign several cooperation agreements, especially to be ratified.Immigration of Moroccan workers to Israel in construction and nursing fields