April 1, 2023

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Israel is reopening its borders despite increasing pollution

The Omigron wave has not left any country. In Israel, the new variant continues to spread and pollution continues to rise. However, the country has decided to reopen its borders.

The decision to relax the border rules comes as more cases of corona virus are being reported in the country. “We will find the presence Between the operating economy And crisis management, ”he said Prime Minister Israeli Naphtali Bennett.

Israel has banned foreigners from entering Then Israel Origin of Omigran in South Africa.

Israeli authorities have banned the country’s citizens and residents from traveling to dozens of high-infection countries, including Morocco, which is on Hebrew’s red list.

Why did the Israeli government choose to open its borders when the Omigron variant is causing unprecedented levels of pollution in the country? The red list is said to have been deleted Because Friday, According to the Israeli Ministry of Health, large-scale infections are now spreading domestically, not among travelers.

Under the new rules, most passengers were vaccinated Govit-19 Or those rescued from the virus are allowed to travel to Israel and the Palestinian territories.

Following this, the Israeli Prime Minister said that free corona virus testing will be conducted for children, teachers and residents of nursing homes.

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