May 30, 2023

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Israel: Netanyahu “pauses” hotly contested justice reform

Facing an unrelenting challenge, the Israeli prime minister announced on March 27 a “pause” in the process of adopting the controversial justice reform currently under consideration in parliament.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on March 27 declared a “pause” in the process of adopting the justice reform under consideration in parliament, and has been fighting in the streets for nearly three months.

Addressing the nation after political consultations with some partners in the ruling coalition, the Israeli prime minister announced that the final adoption of various reform bills would be postponed until the next parliamentary session after the Jewish Passover holiday (April 5 to 13). ), thus partially complying with the demands of the opponents.

The adoption was postponed until April

A crowd estimated at 80,000 demonstrators, according to Israeli media, gathered around the parliament in Jerusalem on the afternoon of March 27 against the reform.

The first-ever protest of its kind was held in front of the Supreme Court, a short distance away, bringing together thousands of people.

Other anti-reform protests took place in Tel Aviv and Haifa in northern Israel. The plan, proposed by the government of Benjamin Netanyahu, one of the most right-wing in Israel’s history, aims to increase the power of elected officials over judges. Critics of the text believe the reform jeopardizes the democratic principles practiced in Israel.

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