March 26, 2023

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“It doesn’t scare me,” assures Marine Le Pen

It’s a threat that Emmanuel Macron has branded in recent weeks to deal with several obstacles in bills carried by the government: Dissolution of the National Assembly.

A threat that is not entirely terrifying Marine Le Pen. In Sunday newspaper, the former leader of the National Rally sent a message to his opponent. “I’m not calling for a breakup. I assume Emmanuel Macron has no interest in running it.”He explains in JDD.

But she says she’s ready Faced with a scenario already well developed by Macron. “If the President uses this argument as a threat, it does not scare us, we have no fear of returning to the campaign! We can emerge from it more powerful than we are today, even with a prime minister.Assuring the President of the representatives of the National Assembly in the Assembly.

Towards a fourth candidacy for Marine Le Pen?

Marine Le Pen, who pledges to the JDT, “doesn’t want” the prime ministership. Have “other ambitions”.By invoking the presidency directly, it does not, according to him, “pass through the Matignon box”.

Unwilling to formalize his candidacy, which he expresses in “three and a half years”, Marine Le Pen explains that she sees herself as the soul of a president rather than a prime minister. “There are enough skills in the RN to fulfill this role,” he assures.

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