March 25, 2023

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Italy’s votes are favored by the far-right

More than 50 million Italians are called to the polls to elect their parliament on Sunday, an election threatened by bad weather, and the far-right is out in force to nominate a successor to Mario Draghi as prime minister.

People were queuing under dark skies before voting began at 05:00 GMT, AFP reported in Rome. Voting closes at 21:00 GMT, with the first poll results giving an overview of the results.

Party leader Georgia Meloni is only 45 years old Italy’s post-fascist brothersCredit Almost a quarter of the votes in the latest pollThe far right is often favored to lead a coalition government dominated by the classical right.

An earthquake on the scale of Italy, the founder of the European Union and the eurozone’s third largest economy, has to deal with this ideology close to Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán.

“In Europe, they are all anxious to see Meloni in government (…) The party is overItaly will start defending its national interests,” he warned during his campaign.

This former fan Mussolini, The motto “God, Fatherland, Family” succeeded in demonizing his party and encouraging the discontent and frustration of his compatriots on his behalf by camping in the opposition, while all other parties supported Mario Draghi’s government of national unity.

But mass is not said: “Unpredictable, elections are emotional and played at the last minute”Reminds AFP Emiliana de Blasio, Professor of Sociology at Rome Louis University, while the undecided main share is estimated at 20% and emphasizes the importance of the final participation rate.

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The 5-Star Movement (M5S, former opposition organization), which scores proud of establishing a minimum income for the poor, and the Democratic Party (PD, left), are well-established domestically, especially in the south of the country.

– Catenase –

Whatever government emerges from the elections, which won’t take office until the end of October, its path already seems strewn with potholes.

He has to deal with the crisis caused by rising prices while Italy is collapsing 150% of GDP debt, the highest rate in the euro zone after Greece. In this context, Italy is the first beneficiary of the European post-pandemic recovery plan, which will be essential to keep the peninsula afloat.

“Italy cannot afford to lose this amount”, observes historian Mark Lazar for AFP, and therefore judges that “Meloni’s room for maneuver” in the economy is very limited. On the other hand, it could be pitted against Brussels, along with Warsaw and Budapest, on “questions of the defense of national interest in relation to European interests”.

Like French Marine Le Pen, Giorgia Meloni has finally given up on leaving euro, But it calls for a “review of the provisions of the Stability Pact”, suspended due to the health crisis, which set a ceiling of 3% for the deficit and 60% for the debt of GDP.

On social issues, this pure Romanian woman is a staunch conservative: “Yes to the natural family, no to the LGBT lobby! Yes to Gender Identity, No to Gender Ideology! Yes to the culture of life, no to the abyss of death! “, proclaimer in June Fight “against the Islamization of Europe”.

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His rise to power could also lead to a lockdown of the country where tens of thousands of migrants land each year, worrying NGOs that rescue boats fleeing poverty in Africa.

Although Italy’s governmental instability is legendary, experts already agree This alliance was short-lived Mrs. Meloni will have to do a lot to manage his tough allies, be it the indestructible Silvio Berlusconi or the anti-immigration tribune Matteo Salvini.