April 1, 2023

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It’s happening in Israel: barbarism is moving

Thus, many of them, including a former prisoner, were detained by the occupying forces in the West Bank and in the occupied al-Quds, the agency said. Baltude. In addition, the same evidence suggests that the occupying forces demolished the house of a Palestinian prisoner in Ramallah and established themselves in al-Isawiyah, east of the occupied al-Quds. The Palestinian Ministry of Health says a Palestinian was stabbed to death last Tuesday by an Israeli immigrant in the occupied West Bank. Ali Hassan Harp, 27, was “stabbed to death in the heart by an immigrant” in the Iskaka sector near the Palestinian city of Sulfit, the ministry said in a statement.

But the culmination of the horror was the trial of Ahmed Manasrat, a Palestinian prisoner who was arrested more than seven years ago for stabbing two Israelis in an illegal settlement called Pescat Jive, built in al-Vin’s old Arab settlements, when he was 13 years old. Quds. On October 12, 2015, Israeli occupiers opened fire on him and his cousin Hassan. A mob then crashed into the settlers and fled with their vehicle. Hasan, 15, died at the scene. Ahmed was rushed to hospital with a bruised and bleeding skull and wound. We thought he was going to submit too.

After his recovery, he was subjected to intense interrogation by his Israeli prison guards in the absence of a lawyer. A video of the investigation has been released on the website. His screaming jailers and he cried: “I do not know … I do not remember”. It went viral and sparked a movement for unity with him. “I’m losing light, I’m been looking at light for a long time”, He nodded and broke his voice for Qatari TV Al-Jazeera, Shortly after his arrest.
“They pressured me. He (an Israeli soldier) said he was in the area and saw me. I said if you look at me you ask why. I said I knew it was you who stabbed me. I said I did not stab.” He added.

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He tried to get his verdict before he turned 14, so he did not have to serve the maximum sentence, but the Israeli court allowed the case to drag on.

Sentenced to 12 years in prison, the occupation authorities transferred him to detention centers for criminals where he was subjected to brainwashing attempts, arguing that Jews were being oppressed by Israeli occupation or Palestinian causes. Holocaust. According to Amjad Abu Asaf, chairman of the Jerusalem Prisoners ‘Parents’ Committee, he suffered from severe psychological distress. This was later cured, after which he was transferred to live with Palestinian prisoners, which clearly helped to improve his condition.

According to Bilal Avtam of the Global Palestinian Psychiatric Network, Israeli prisoners tied one hand and one of his legs to the wall of his cell for more than 24 hours, forcing him to release himself on the spot. And psychological status.

Israeli prison officials have rejected his lawyers’ requests and appeals to treat him outside the prison, claiming he was being treated. But they are treating him, which made his condition worse. He is usually held in solitary confinement on the grounds that he is attacking other prisoners. He has been there since the beginning of November 2021. And his mental health continues to deteriorate. According to Al-Jazeera, He suffers from schizophrenia and suffers from delusion and suicidal ideation with suicidal ideation.

On Friday, June 17, as his mental condition worsened, he was transferred to the Israeli Ramla prison. “I did not feel that my son had grown up. He is still a child. He wanted to know his toys, what became of his car, and he asked me if his car had been damaged by children. My son was a child ” In a recent interview with Qatari television, his mother said with tears in her eyes.

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According to Hiba Marayef, Amnesty International’s MO and Director of the Regional Office for North Africa “Israeli authorities tortured Ahmed Manasr. The delay in his mental development was part of the consequences of his imprisonment and isolation.

Ahmed is almost 21 years old today and he looks very depressed at every look.

A legal attempt to reduce the length of his imprisonment by a third has been torn between the Israeli Occupied Prisons Commission’s release committee and the Israeli court. Wednesday, June 22, the first order that will be classified as part of his case files “Terrorist Act”. Suffice it to say that, in his defense, his early release was not in question. However, last April, an Israeli court invalidated a similar decree challenging the quality of terrorism in its file.

His lawyer, who met with him last week, said he had seen traces of injuries to his left wrist and right arm.

“He’s sad. He’s lonely. Said his father Al-Jazeera. “They are destroying him mentally “, Lamented uncle. Mr. According to Abu Asaf, a. The Israeli torture of Manasrat was the reason he became a symbol of young Palestinians. The question of what can be done for them. What the Palestinians know better than anyone else “Holocaust people” Capable of. Have been suffering from this for 80 years. This is why they oppose it!