May 30, 2023

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J. Khashoggi’s Assassination: MBS’s Immunity Still Divides…

In a 10-page legal brief, H. Genghis and K representing the pro-democracy group. Harbor the dawn In their case against MBSBiden asked Judge John Bates to reject the administration’s controversial recommendation “Sovereign Immunity” To Mohammed bin Salman.

Although judges usually defer to the executive whether foreign leaders can benefit from sovereignty, the case MBS “is fundamentally different Because the Saudis were involved in an unprecedented legal maneuver “In the History of International Law”.

“In this rare case, regardless of Mohammed bin Salman’s sovereign right, the US court should refuse to protect MBS and investigate the murder of US resident Jamal Khashoggi.” Indicates the folder.

  1. Genghis meat the dawn In 2018 at the Saudi Embassy in Istanbul, J. In 2020, he filed a complaint against Mohammed bin Salman and his associates for plotting to kidnap, torture and assassinate Khashoggi.

Michael Kellogg, Attorney MBS Representing Saudi Arabia after the September 11 attacks in the United States, H.H. filed a complaint against the Saudi crown prince. argued that Genghis was unworthy.

In June, Judge Bates asked Joe Biden to consider offering MBS in’“Judicial Immunity Most cases against world leaders in US courts have failed. After asking for two extensions, the Biden administration agreed to the request and said in a legal filing that it hoped Prince Mohammed would be granted court immunity, citing King Salman’s decision to appoint his prime minister’s son. In an advisory vote, the US Department of Justice decided MBS J. Khashoggi was acquitted of murder.

The Biden administration’s decision to grant immunity to the Saudi crown prince in US courts has been heavily criticized by Saudi media, human rights activists and protesters.

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Tuesday, lawyer MBS The case is essentially closed and the Biden administration has argued that the courts have waived the matter.

While experts say Judge Bates is unlikely to overrule the Biden administration’s comments, H. Cengis’ attorney urged the judge to do so, suggesting that doing anything else would be a mockery of the court. Although the administration had the right to speak its mind, Harper argued, “This decision does not compel the court to ignore MBS’s blatant attempt to manipulate the court’s jurisdiction, thereby ensuring impunity for the brutal killing he ordered.”

He added: “It is clear that neither the United States nor Saudi Arabia has explained whether the appointment of Mohammed bin Salman as prime minister was a deliberate attempt to disqualify the tribunal. It should be noted that such an appointment is unprecedented in the history of international law. » Harper argued that in no other case in history had a defendant been appointed to a high office for the sole purpose of being granted sovereign immunity.

In October 2018, J. Khashoggi was killed and dismembered by forces aligned with the Riyadh regime on his way to the Saudi consulate in Istanbul. The move is believed to have been initially carried out by US services at the behest of Mohammed bin Salman.