April 1, 2023

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Jupiter in Israel is a serious diplomatic project for Biden

After a warm welcome, hot issues: US President Joe Biden will step up exchanges with Israeli leaders on Thursday and endorse the “Jerusalem Declaration” that seals cooperation between the US and the Jewish state.

A senior Israeli official said on condition of anonymity that the “Jerusalem Declaration on the Strategic Partnership between the United States and Israel” will be a “living testimony to the uniqueness, health, breadth, depth and closeness” of the bilateral relationship.

Specifically, the source continues, the document “will set forth the clearest and most unified position against Iran, its nuclear program and its aggression across the region,” although the Americans have yet to use the phrase “Jerusalem Declaration” to refer to it. Text.

The approach to confront Tehran is causing hesitation between the United States and the United States, which wants to try the diplomatic route by reviving the landmark 2015 nuclear deal (JCPOA).

In 2018, the Trump administration withdrew from the deal, which framed Iran’s nuclear program in return for the reinstatement of sanctions against Tehran as part of a “maximum pressure” campaign against the Islamic Republic.

“It was a huge mistake for the last president to pull out of the deal because they (the Iranians) are closer to nuclear weapons today than they have ever been,” Biden said in a statement. The interview with Israeli Channel 12 was broadcast on Wednesday evening.

Asked whether he was prepared to use force to ensure Iran did not acquire nuclear weapons, Mr. Biden replied: “Yes, if it’s a last resort”.

Israel fears an Iranian adversary acquiring nuclear weapons — a goal Tehran denies — but lifting sanctions would fill the Islamic Republic’s coffers and, according to the Jewish state, boost support for its allies. In the region, like Lebanese Hezbollah and Palestinian Hamas.

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– “Medal of Honor” –

In detail, when Joe Biden is Secretary of State in 2021, he is due to meet at noon with new Prime Minister Yar Lapid, who has announced his desire to restore bridges between Israel and the US Democratic Party after years of Donald Trump. Trump and Benjamin Netanyahu.

Mr. Biden will participate in a meeting of the format “I2U2”, which will gather around him the leaders of Israel, India and the United Arab Emirates, one of the main allies of the Hebrew state. with Israel.

Joe Biden is to present President Isaac Herzog with a “Medal of Honor” for his support of Israel, and he will travel to Israel to cheer on American athletes participating in the Maccabiah Games, a Jewish sports gathering held every four years. .

Finally, as is customary for an American president, especially as Israel campaigns for legislative elections on November 1, Mr. Biden will face political opposition, including his alleged relationship with former President Benjamin Netanyahu. It is not always very hot.

– withdrawn –

The visit by Joe Biden — his tenth overall, but his first as president — is aimed at reasserting Washington’s influence in a region that has so far not been a priority of a Democratic administration, especially one obsessed with China and Russia.

At this last stage, the White House has so far been careful not to directly approach the issue of Ukraine and the Jewish state’s approach.

Israel, while publicly condemning the invasion, has refused to supply weapons to the Ukrainians because the Jewish state prefers to rely on Russia’s presence in the region, particularly in neighboring Syria, against which the Israeli military is conducting additional airstrikes. Pro-Iran elements.

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Nearly all US administrations have directed multiple diplomatic efforts toward the Middle East, particularly with major strides in efforts toward an Israeli-Palestinian peace process, with Joe Biden thus far in the background.

Many analysts believe the US president, while congratulating himself on re-establishing dialogue with the Palestinians and resuming financial aid for their benefit, should not commit himself further.