March 30, 2023

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Key findings of the study related to growth prospects of logistics platforms

– The analysis that emerges from the study carried out was well received by the participants and generally corresponds to the opinion that representatives of various countries have structures and logistics nodes of African countries. Overall, the proposed logistics structures correspond to the ideas of each country’s representatives;

– Updating work to be done at the data level;

– There are mature logistics projects in which land has already been mobilized by actors. In addition, the financial problem arises;

– Public policies are developed at country level. Beyond flow analysis, there are active public policies to consider when choosing the location of logistics centers;

– Take into account the specificities and constraints of each country to develop a suitable plan;

– Importance of network integration. The need for synergy, optimization and exchange to ensure sustainability of programs and logistics strategies in relation to an overall vision and key economic groups;

– Adopt a holistic and more regional vision, because the development of logistics centers in the medium and long term requires the stability of all elements;

– Importance of communication between countries. In this case, finding channels of digitalization and integration between actors in the supply chain will be a means of interconnection.

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