March 26, 2023

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King Mohammed VI will not attend the Algiers Arab summit

AA / Rabat

King Mohammed VI will not lead his country’s delegation to the Arab League summit in Algiers on November 1 and 2, Moroccan Foreign Minister Nasser Bourita announced on Monday.

This emerges from a statement by Naser Bourita to the Saudi channel “Al Arabiya”, the day after the French newspaper “Jeune Afrique” announced, citing informed sources, that the Moroccan king will participate in the summit in Algeria. “If the conditions for its participation are met.”

Bourita said “the King of Morocco gave instructions to the delegation to act constructively despite his absence.”

“Algeria’s explanations regarding the map crisis are not credible,” he added.

“For some unclear reason, two-thirds of the Moroccan media representatives accompanying the delegation had to immediately turn back from the airport,” Bourita said.

The head of Moroccan diplomacy insisted that “the Arab League is the only channel of communication with Algeria.”

On Sunday, the Arab League denied having “media partners” to cover the proceedings of the 31st Arab Summit in Algeria, contradicting a map of the Arab world published on the site of Algerian public channel AL24 News. The League accepted, prompting the reservation of the Moroccan delegation. .

The League confirmed in a statement, “It does not accept an official map showing the political boundaries of Arab countries, including the Kingdom of Morocco. Instead, it adopts a map of the Arab world without showing borders between countries. Strengthen the concept of Arab unity.”

In a brief press release issued on Sunday, the Algerian channel for its part “apologizes for using a map of the Arab world approved by the Arab League”, stressing that it was a “technicality only”. error.’

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*Translated from Arabic by Mourad Belhaj

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