May 29, 2023

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Kiosk / Media – Anis Rahmani or the Head of State of the Algerian “System” (JA)

“Times are changing,” Pip Dylan said, and they are becoming as “traitors” as they are elsewhere in Algeria. For even better reason, in Algiers, former boss of the Ennahar press group, known as “Anis Rahmani”, was sentenced on Monday, June 13 to 10 years in prison on charges of corruption.

According to an article in, “Once a powerful and untouchable man, he was significantly involved in the slander campaign against the current President Abdelmadjit Debawan”.

“In a small room in the Golia prison, a luxurious life and money flowed freely. Two years ago, Anis Rahmani, whose real name was Mohamed Mogademi, was a wealthy, influential and powerful man who boasted of being the head of the first Algerian private media group, Ennahar.

There is nothing left in this power today. The same evidence states that his property and wealth were seized by the courts and that his group lost its influence.

In prison since February 2020, Anis Rahmani was sentenced by an Algiers court to 10 years in prison on June 13, with a fine of one million dinars (approximately, 6,550) and confiscation of his property and possessions. .dz.

Mahin, former CEO of Ennahar, a former businessman, has been charged with “money laundering”, “influence”, “breach of foreign exchange regulations”, “misappropriation of corporate assets”, “money laundering”, “influence” and “misappropriation of corporate assets”. He was interrogated with Tahgout. “Illegal transfer of property” and “misrepresentation”.

The new verdict comes in addition to a five-year prison sentence handed down in November 2020 for recording and broadcasting a conversation with an intelligence officer in 2018.

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In this case, he was charged with “insulting an officer during his activities”, “defamation against the military”, “insulting a corporate entity” and “invading privacy by recording communications without the person’s permission”. Concerned “.

The judge accused businessman Mahidin Tahkout of receiving money and vehicles illegally, using his influence to acquire land in Algiers and illegally diverting funds from its operations in Algeria, particularly in France and Dubai.

+ Press editor who caused rain or shine +

Anis Rahmani, an Arabic-speaking journalist who specializes in terrorism and security issues, has always maintained a reputable reputation among his colleagues for being so close to the security services. Jean-Afrik recalls that his life took a turn when he started the Arabic language daily Ennahar in 2007.

An efficient mix of sensational information, classified information and hoaxes, the newspaper experienced editorial and financial success. Very quickly, Anis Rahmani realized all the benefits that could be derived from this position, and immersed himself in the service of the powerful of the moment, especially the side boutfilika he became so close to. The same source suggests that money is flowing from advertising, that its networks are expanding and that its power is beginning to position itself beyond the press.

Anis Rahmani, who later entered a new dimension with his wife, launched the couple’s private channel Ennahar TV in March 2012, whose commercial record is in Jordan – private televisions are not yet authorized to broadcast in Algeria.

Very quickly, Ennahar TV became the first news channel in the country. The 2014 presidential election campaign, in which Aptelosis Boutfilika takes office for the fourth time due to ill health, offers Anis Rahmani the opportunity to put his television in the service of the president, citing the same source.

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As a sign of power, Ennahar was first given information from the presidency and the military, thus pushing the state media into pale additional roles. Of course about himself, a little arrogant, a little intrusive in his influence, Anis Rahmani is untouchable.

In the summer of 2017, on the advice of Saïd Bouteflika and his oligarchy friends, Anis Rahmani spearheaded a campaign against Prime Minister Abdelmadjid Tebboune, whose training lasted only 80 days under the leadership of the government.

He landed on August 15, 2017 at the instigation of Saïd Bouteflika and his business friends. Is it his fault? Has launched an anti-corruption campaign targeting officials close to the president and his brother.

However, after the forced resignation of Aptalogies Poutflika in April 2019 and the death of Chief Executive Ahmed Gaid Salah in December of the same year, the man thus placed on the shelf successfully returns to business.

The rest is predictable ஜ The adventure will take the former Algerian newspaper president “from the Capitol to the Dorbian Rock,” says Jean Afrik.