May 30, 2023

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kyiv hopes Xi Jinping will appease Vladimir Putin – DW – 03/20/2023

A journey of Xi Jinping When does it interfere? Vladimir Putin is isolated by issuing an arrest warrant International Criminal Court(ICC) against him for “war crimes”. In Ukraine.

Some analysts say Xi Jinping will try to portray himself as a neutral leader in the ongoing war in Ukraine. Russia and Ukraine Peace talks should start. But even so Xi Jinping The 12-point document, which laid out China’s position on the war on Ukraine, has left many Western nations skeptical about Beijing’s true intentions, as it continues its partnership with Moscow.

Arms supply

US warns China may consider supplying Russia with lethal weapons despite German chancellor Olaf Scholes said earlier this month BeijingShe promised not to take that step.

If Beijing wants to position itself as a mediator in the Russian-Ukrainian conflict, it is far from certain that it is willing to push Russia and Ukraine to open peace talks.

China has yet to condemn Russia’s war, some analysts say, proving it has not changed its stance on the Russian invasion.

Beijing can play a role

Ukraine hopes to use its influence on Chinese President Vladimir Putin during his three-day visit to Moscow ‘End’ the war.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has directly invited Beijing to participate in a summit that Kyiv describes as a formula for peace.

Mr. Zelensky, in fact, believes China is one of the few countries capable of influencing Russia and pushing the two parties to resume peace talks.

China has become an indispensable partner of Russia Image: Sergey Karbukin/Sputnik/REUTERS

However, some Western countries are skeptical about China’s true stance on the war. China remains one of Russia’s main trading partners at a time when Moscow has to deal with numerous economic sanctions imposed by the US-led Western bloc.

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“We believe that the strategic partnership between China and Russia will uphold international fairness and justice on the one hand, and promote the common prosperity and development of our countries on the other.”Xi Jinping said during a meeting with Vladimir Putin in Moscow.

Economic cooperation

According to Chinese state media Global Times, Beijing is the number one buyer of Russian oil and the volume of trade between the two countries will increase by 34.3% in 2022.

“We have a lot of common missions and goals.”Vladimir Putin said he welcomed Beijing’s “great attention to improving relations between Russia and China”.

The Russian president also said he was ready to discuss the peace plan proposed by Beijing Conflict in Ukraine.

Beijing has stepped up its diplomatic charm offensive in recent months, holding a series of summits with the leaders of Belarus, Iran and Saudi Arabia, while trying to normalize ties with Western countries such as Australia and Germany.