November 30, 2022

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L′UA fite ses 20 ans on fond de crises | Afrique | DW

These chefs d’Etat et l’UA government retrovent du 5 au 6fivrier à Addis Abeba en Ethiopie. In the run-up to the present, as in the case of the Secretaries, you will find yourself organizing your own anniversary. The president’s musician Macky Sall preceded Sommet in the presidency of the UA for a replacement in his homologue Congolese, Flix Tshisekedi. These dossiers are all about the most sensible ones.

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“Un recul de la dimocoratie”

Ses collaborators or mankind pas rappeller that’s the famous Flix Tsishekedi a dédés son mandat aux peuples africains en proclamant “an Afrique au service des popules”, rip la riposte aux pandémies, nota la covid-19 saés saééés saééés saééé

I’m going to pass it on to the next Marquee to configure the Tigrén Ethiopie quote continue, la Crisis au Soudan or encore sirie de coups d’Etat en Afrique de l’oest. The most important thing is to go to Burkina Faso, which is one of the most unique African countries.

The presidency Macky Sall va assurer la presidency de l’UA pour one an

Selon Valentin Yambkoudougou, Burkina Faso, member of the socio-civile civile, “l’union africaine is in my son Riley, report with respect to your text” mais “force is reconnector who not your sous-rigion is in crease deputation plus annis. Here’s the cr alme alimentaire, here’s the crés scuritaire quo menace mime les Etats. Well, at least I didn’t go down without explaining myself first. “

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For Dany Ayida, specialist questions about democracy and governance, larrrivée à la lête de l’Union africaine du saidentnigalais Macky Sall dans in contexte cree scrutis peres.

“I’m lying on the phone to find the UA’s address in these diffrentes crises on the continent and comment on all the normative dumocratiques that loneline elle-mime mis mis place travers sa chart. The question is the fragility of Etats, the remise in cause of the Democrats in a certain number of pays. On voit des populations applauder des coups d’Etat. puisse prendre la tête de l’UA en ce moment “, explicit Dany Ayida’s travel actulelement on a program in relation to the chart de l’UA on the Democracy.

Daughter sujets à l’agenda

Yours sincerely, Sensei: The finance of l’UA. The organization cerche touches the self-financier and yours as an appraisal of creation, the world of the world’s gagn.

Un thotme plutôt inattendu devarait sgalement s’inviter dans dabbats et donor lieu vifs échanges: il sagit des relations avec irazl accrodité d’un statut diobservateur, qu qui nie pas du goat du ‘ Sud et de l’Algérie.

In 2022, loneliness africaine will return to the theme “Renforcer in nutrition and nutrition in continental Africa: access to capital, social and economic development”.

The theme quo sinscrit dans in the prose of sé dcissions antériures, as l llborationgagement dune stratigi regienale africaine de nutrition nutrition alvars Covid-19 a aggressive une situation dàjà catastrophie in sécirér.

For those who love it, it’s an incredible rapport, an intriguing d etts and a secret exhilaration of l’UA ler parlor’s mime voices on sujets like climat.

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