May 30, 2023

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Laila Harak is the Moroccan face of CNN International

A professional boom for Laila Harruck. The Moroccan-Dutch joins CNN International in Atlanta, where he will host the European morning editions of CNN Newsroom on Saturdays and Sundays and the weekday news program. A homecoming for the man who began his career in 2001 as an intern at CNN New York.

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After her internship in New York, Laila Harrag joined the editorial staff of the Associated Press in Paris. He spent 10 years there covering major stories on the EU, NATO, the war crimes tribunals in The Hague and the Middle East, West Africa and Kosovo. After the Paris experience, she goes to Germany.

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German public radio-television Deutsche Welle opens its doors to him. Laila Harragh worked there for nine years as an anchor on global newscasts. Most recently, he has been instrumental in the Russian invasion of Ukraine, interviewing policymakers, activists and humanitarians, focusing on Germany’s response to the war. He moves to Atlanta, where he now continues his journalism career.

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Born and raised in the Netherlands, Laila Harag spent part of her childhood in Tangier, Morocco. He studied American Studies at the University of Amsterdam and English at the University of Leiden. He also attended the School of Journalism at New York University and the Department of Linguistics and Comparative Cultural Studies at the Università Ca Foscari in Venice, Italy under the EU Erasmus program. Laila Harragh is a multilingual. She speaks English, Dutch, Arabic, French, German and Italian.

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