April 1, 2023

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Large-scale Iranian maneuvers: Tehran denies London

The Islamic Revolutionary Guards in Iran organized military exercises in southern Iran between December 20 and 24, during which surface-to-surface missiles, cruise missiles, speedboats, drones, helicopters and bombers were tested.
In a statement, the British Foreign Office said, “These behaviors pose a regional and international threat.” Iran must immediately suspend its operations. Tehran did not hesitate to respond through its diplomacy. “Iran has not asked anyone for permission for its defense program. Iran is acting in accordance with international law, referring to the Iranian ministry, which considers “British announcements” to interfere in Iranian internal affairs.
The Commander-in-Chief of the Iranian Armed Forces, General Mohamed Bakery, said on Saturday, December 25, that the Grand Messenger-17 maneuvers would respond to Israeli threats and be only a small part of Iran’s ballistic capabilities.
According to the Iranian agency Tasnim, these maneuvers simulated the Dimona nuclear installation and the attack on sensitive Israeli military bases.
Commenting on the maneuvers on Saturday, December 25, Iranian President Ebrahim Ra├»ssi warned that any hostile action against Iran would face a comprehensive and decisive response from the Iranian armed forces and would significantly alter strategic equations. According to him, these exercises illustrate Iran’s ability and commitment to protect Iran’s national security and the interests of the Iranian people.
It should be noted that on Sunday from Tel Aviv, former Israeli Minister Daniel Friedman declared that “attacking Iran is like hitting a wall on the wall,” in response to a tweet saying “Israel’s preparations to attack Iran.” . “
According to the former Israeli minister, his country is “not ready to receive more than 1000 missiles a day, it is better to keep its head in the mud.”
The Israeli media estimated that “the maneuvers of the revolutionary guards and the Iranian army (Grand Prophet) and the simulated attack on the Dimona nuclear reactor were part of a psychological war.”

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