March 26, 2023

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L’Argentine finalizes the FMI un accord on its data, transmis au Parliament

The government’s argentine announces jeudi avio finals with Fonds monetary international (FMI) an accord on the record refinance record of 45 million dollars, transmit your Parliament jour- mime pour examen in newspapers daily.

The FMI, in a communicative simulation, is a life-affirming portal on a program pragmatist and realist, with descriptive political economics credible to reinforce stabilizing macroeconomics and relevance dfis (…) the most powerful dynamic source , For de forte inflation persistent »(50,9% in 2021), and» amlioration credible des finances public.

Obtain «après d’intenses ngociations se, at l’Argentine, l’accord concertis pre-accord qui avait été annoncé fin janvier par deux parties et aviout voie à psiiires semaines app nondgociations techniques.

Ill give preview of these updates on the latest, 20 à 203 é 2034 â 2034 cont 2034 cont 2034 cont 34 ((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((( 0,9% in 2024, indique pour part government argentin in a communicate.

The program issuance of l’Accord, the application of the government, contributes to the stabilization of nicissaries in these conditions for releasing dichotomous structures exist and reinforcing bases in dune croissance durable and inclusive. L’Argentine has renewed its 2021 Average Croissance (+ 10,3%) in terms of recession.

The Court of Appeals presents the Conseil Administration of FMI and the Parliamentary Arbitration for approval. The Chamber of Commerce and Industry’s lexamen de l’Accord lundi prochain, selon le president of the Commission du budget.

Laprobation des politiques macro-economics tracis l’acord to pass a partisan de plaisir to the governing argentin: the coalition (center-gauche) you can nouve my main chamber your database of your chambers database. In the check instance elle constitutes the group parliamentarians more important.

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The finalization of the Licorice’s quipipes techniques consolidate the plan’s salute que constituents the pre-accord of Janvier to l’Argentine, the 3rd economic d’Amrique du Sud, which confronts the dice of 2022, November 2023. Circumstances reimbursement of around 19 milliards of dollars, absolutely impayables lon in the government.

This colossal legstait leg is on contract for 2018 in the governing government argentine center-droit of Mauricio Macri.