April 1, 2023

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Le Madin – anti-Govt vaccine: WHO warns that blind booster programs could spread the disease

The WHO boss warned Wednesday against the illusion that giving booster doses is enough to get rid of the Covit-19 infection.

Speaking at a press conference in Geneva, Director-General of the World Health Organization Tetros Adanom Gabrias said, “No country can escape the plague with booster shots and reminders are not a green light to celebrate as planned. , A few days before Christmas.

“Instead of blindly booster programs ending the epidemic, it is likely to extend the epidemic by making it available to countries with already high vaccination rates, thus increasing the chances of the virus spreading.

“It is important to remember that the vast majority of hospital admissions and deaths are unvaccinated,” he stressed, adding that we need to be clear about “working against vaccines”. Delta types such as Omicron.

According to the WHO Expert Group on Immunization Policy (SAGE), at least 126 countries have already provided guidelines for booster doses or additional vaccines (for example children), of which 120 countries have already launched campaigns in this direction. The majority are rich or middle-income countries, while SAGE said in a statement released Wednesday afternoon that “no country has yet introduced a recall program.”

“Immunization efforts must continue to focus on reducing (the number) of deaths and more serious cases and focusing on protecting the health system,” SAGE emphasizes in its findings.

“Public health and social activities are an integral part of the Govt-19 prevention strategy, especially with regard to the Omigron variant,” these experts emphasize, as Dr. Maria van Kerkov, who is in charge of managing it, told a news conference. Infection within the WHO.

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He stressed the need for everyone to take responsibility to prevent the virus from continuing to spread, while acknowledging that it is difficult.

“We urge the people to be vigilant and governments to be vigilant,” he said.

“I hope more people will seriously consider what they do in the environment in which they live and make the right decisions for them,” she said, changing her plans for the upcoming holidays herself.

Dr. Van Kerkow also recalled that, as some studies have shown, we do not have enough data to conclude that the Omigron variant actually causes less severe forms of Govit-19.

“We do not have the full picture. It’s too early to decide whether Omigron is more harmless than Delta or more serious than Delta,” he said.