May 29, 2023

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Lebanon crisis: State collapses, army drinks cup

Speaking to officials at an extraordinary meeting in Yarzeh, Aoun said he would not give up any attempt to provide assistance to the military, including financial assistance.
“No matter what happens from October 2019 until today, the sacrifices and efforts of the military have prevented the collapse of Lebanon. From the protests to the Govt-19 epidemic to the port explosion, Lebanon has faced crisis situations, but with the confidence of our people and community we have been able to maintain civil peace. Help us, ”he said.
He emphasized that the letter was not a signal of a formal antitrust inquiry into the allegations, but rather a signal of a formal antitrust inquiry into the allegations.
Commenting on the indirect negotiations to demarcate maritime borders, General Aun said, “The military has fulfilled its national duty to demand maritime rights in Lebanon and has demonstrated excellent professionalism and best discipline in waiting for a political decision to resolve the question.”
The Lebanese military commander addressed the issue of the departure of several soldiers and the demand for the resignation of others. According to him, the rumors were exaggerated and many of them came back and re-listed, after discovering that the guarantees given by the military could not be provided anywhere else.
He warned that “the conflict is a few steps away” and stressed that the military should not allow this to happen: “The military must realize that they are facing a sacred task because the 1975 experience was a bitter experience. Let it happen again. Under the grace of armed gangs, terrorism or drugs.” No one accepted the militants’ return to control.
Regarding the economic crisis, the military commander said he expected it to continue, but pointed out that there were situations where the worst was yet to come. “This is a crisis and it will pass. The main thing is that we oppose it until this storm is over,” he stressed.
The Army Commander said that in the present scenario, the Command has taken a number of austerity measures to encourage efforts by certain sections such as exploitation and development of agricultural lands, taking into account the readiness and conditions of service of the Army. Small manufacturing plants to guarantee basic products and everyday needs. He said the army had procured buses and vans to be deployed soon to address the issue of military mobility and the transport plan for the army.
With regard to medical and health services, he noted that the military is still providing better medical services to its members, stressing the search to maintain the level of these services.

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