March 30, 2023

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Lebanon: Dark Loneliness

According to the Lebanese media, a scary scene threatens Lebanon within 10 days, which fears it could lead to the isolation of Lebanese from the world.

The Lebanese broadcaster “LBCI” said in a statement on Wednesday that “telecommunications are under threat of suspension after 10 days due to the inability of Ogero, Alfa and Touch to obtain dollars to purchase gas and run diesel and their stations.”

The Lebanese Channel reported that companies had previously purchased diesel from oil facilities in Lebanese pounds before the Lebanese Bank of Lebanon stopped converting the dollar into a pound.

“This shutdown means that all landline and mobile phones, data service providers and internet service providers will be shut down, thus isolating the country from the rest of the world and suspending work in companies. Public and private and airport suspension, port, university and school operation,” the Lebanese channel was quoted as saying.

For its part, the Al-Nahar newspaper points out that the telecom and internet sector in Lebanon went through the most critical days, during which time the network was almost disconnected and then the House of Representatives could not pass a law. , Ogero will have to pay 350 350 billion to buy spare parts and diesel for maintenance, as there was no quorum during the session after representatives of the “strong Lebanese” camp withdrew on October 28.

Do not abandon the telecommunications sector

The newspaper stressed that it could not abandon the important telecommunications sector or save fuel for a few days.

Citing Imad Kreidieh, general manager of Ogero, the newspaper underlined that “diesel is needed to run generators in transmissions, especially after the rationing hours have increased”.

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Kreidieh explained that Ogero Diesel spends £ 1 billion every day to buy and operate the stage.

He added, “Although the military intervened and managed to obtain 200 tons of diesel fuel and maintain the situation, its quantity was only enough for about four days. We have reached the barrier and everything we have arrested since last June has arrived. Today “.

Sources in the Ministry of Energy and Water, on the other hand, say that confirmation has been received that the loan for the diesel tanker loaded for “Ozero” has been opened and is expected to be unloaded in the coming days.

For his part, Communications Minister Johnny al-Kharm confirmed that “diesel levels are safe for Ogero generators, 21 days is enough”, but this amount has not yet been lowered.

Finish the disconnect and enter the darkness

In October, the Lebanese power supply was completely cut off and the country entered “darkness”. And the channel “LBCI”, “the power supply in Lebanon has been completely cut off, and the country is plunged into darkness, especially after the Al-Zahrani and Deir Ammar factories stopped operating due to diesel fuel”.

In late September, Electricité du Liban warned against general and global power cuts after it ran out of fuel or failed to ensure the stability of the power grid. The company announced that it had “completed all options and precautionary measures and could not guarantee a minimum power supply due to this situation beyond its control”.