May 30, 2023

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Legislative action: Mohamed El Hajoy when referring to members of parliament

see Faiza Senhaji 01/12/2022 at 10:34 pm

Mohamed El Hajoy, Secretary General to the Government.

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Kiosk360. It is rare for a Secretary General to the Government to travel abroad, but his trip with members of Parliament was instructive. A newspaper review from the daily Asaba.

This discharge is likely to create a commotion under the dome. In Parliament, the elected officials are not really good students and it is the Chief Secretary to the Government who points this out.

This can be known from the fact thatAsaba In its edition of Friday, December 2, dedicated to the last visit of Mohamed El Hajoei when presenting the departmental budget for 2023. He explained that the number of unsuccessful bills is important. According to him, out of a total of more than 160, only 15 have been approved.

According to the same source, the Secretary General of the Government announced during his presentation that he had held 38 Government Councils during the year in which 183 texts were discussed. Asaba According to him, the government’s record in this exercise is about several essential issues affecting social, regional, economic and justice related aspects. He also cited the case of subjects related to public procurement.

And, in this regard, the General Secretary of the Government, the plans and projects discussed by the latter are mainly related to three areas: improving the regulatory framework and access to services provided, including modernizing the functions of tools and equipment. Encouraging the use of new technologies, as well as strengthening human capital in management.

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Also, the government official in his speech announced that the administration is currently working on launching several competitions to bring in new blood into the administration, especially in well-defined sectors. Therefore, the government is interested in the experience of some European countries, such as Italy, while opening to the experience of others such as Spain, France and the United States in the next four years.

By Paisa Senhaji