March 25, 2023

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Libye: The Parliamentary Powers au Replacement of the Premier Minister intrimaire

#Autres pays : The Parliament reads in the public domain the critique of the candidate’s candidacy in the post Premier Minister intriguing to replace the Chief Acting Government Actuel Abdelhamid Dbeibah, at the camp camp’s tripoli (ouest).

A l’issue dune session tenue à Tobrouk (est) Presence of 120 duplicates, the Chamber of Representatives a Candidature on these conditions in the post Premier Ministries in Prochain Government transition, an announce le port-parole du Parliament, Abdallah Bliheq.

The Parliament publicly published a list of 13 critics, whose date of birth is the lowest date for retrieval.

The new chef de l’excutif intimaire doit, at the top of this list, Presenter or director post (candidate, ndlr) avant de candidate, ne porter aucune autre nationality que la libenne et sgngager for écrit à ne pas se presenter à l’lection incidental.

The Parliament of the House of Commons is on the verge of convening, and comprehending all the duplicates, dont certainly appeal to the law of the governing body by futures collections.

>>> LIRE AUSSI: Libye: chef du Parliament demand a date “definite” for the elections

The trend is this même au sein de la Mission dappui de l’ONU en Libye (Manul), which insist pour pour qu’nueveli date so la fixéiie soot fixe plutôt que dopérer un remaniement governnemental.

Après annés de conflits armés et divisions regien entre l’Eest et l’Ouest du pays, a government intimate a été mis sur pied a en en an, sos l’gide de l’ONU, pour manner la transition d ‘ This is a double election precedent and a Parliamentary initiation preview on 24 December.

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Aucune new novel date is yet to be fixed.

The government’s intimacy is directed at Abdelhamid Dbeibah’s house, the candidate’s privilege in December, and he confirms that he’s in charge of the government’s office.

>>> LIRE AUSSI: Libye: a commission of Parliament refuses to fix a date for the elections

Longtemps attendance commemorates the process by which we communicate internationally to sort out the chaos of the Chaos Dept. in Mouammar Kadhafi in 2011, the double selection of extremist reports in extremist perspectives entre camps rivaux.

In the case of Aguila Saleh, the Parliamentary candidate, in the event of a presidential election, the appellant’s appeal to the Government of India, the government’s interim, estimates that he should expire with all reports.

This is the demand of the commission parliamentarians for elective fixer, dici fin janvier, une date dfinitive pour les Elections.