March 22, 2023

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Livacation report on civilians in Marioupol, a carburetor carburetor on sol sol russe

Pour the first foie gras file in Guerrero in Ukraine, a frappe in the world of sol russe détruisant un dipôt d dtrole in the front line of Belgorod.

Kiev évoque a possible sabotage des forces russes

The governor’s local is an attic with a high quality helicopter point of view responsiveness in Kiev. I want to confirm that you, the governing body of Ukraine, are, in fact, an avant-garde movement a possible sabotage of forces:

“Peut-utter who trousers russes sabotent les parse quelle quo velent pas entrer en territory ukraini. a soulmate Oleksiy Arestovich, lin des conseillers spiciaux du president ukrainiin.

Reprise des pourparlers for videoconferencing

The carburetor is located in the vicinity of Kilkiv in Kilkiv, a quarantine of kilometers in the front yard.

A Moscou, in the portal parole of Kremlin, Dmitry Peskov, this is what happened in the past “Cruer les conditions appropriations for la passuite des ngociations” qui ont repris par visioconfrence.

Des soldats russes irradiés à Tchernobyl?

For those who are a little tired of the stereo-typed, this is the center of the world’s most nuanced Tchernobyl approach that clicks on all of Vladimir Poutine’s troubles.

Les forces russes ont depuis quittéle site mais des soldats ont probablement ét exposés aux radiations en creusant des tranchies en zone contaminie.

Rafael Grossi, the director of GAnral at l’Agence international at lénergie atomic, nouttait toutefois pas en mesure confirm this information.

A Marioupol, la Croix-Rouge rebrousse chemin

Enfin dans la ville en ruines de Marioupol, livésation milliers de civils preview on Croix-Rouge a été report. Une new novel tentative doit avoir lie ce cemedi.

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Volodymyr Zelensky, President of Ukraine, is the French tenter in demand. “In Russia the conditions nissiires à an operation humanitarian” in this ville martyr.