May 30, 2023

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London police ‘regret’ arrest of anti-monarchy protesters

London police said on Monday evening, May 8 “to regret” Six anti-monarchy protesters arrested on Saturday ahead of Charles III’s coronation celebrations insisted they were unable to demonstrate as planned and will not face any charges.

In the early hours of Saturday morning, six people, all members of the anti-monarchy group, including their leader Graham Smith, were arrested as they walked down King’s Passage in central London. Then the police seized the identity cards. The men were released late on Saturday, more than sixteen hours after their arrest, drawing heavy criticism.

In a press release Monday evening, London police justified themselves at length, explaining that they had arrested six people. “Suspected of chaining themselves”.

read more: The article is reserved for our subscribers In the United Kingdom, the coronation of Charles III is a thousand-year-old tradition being put to the test by a multicultural and secular society.

Under a law that came into effect on Wednesday and has been criticized as far as the UN, British police can arrest people on public roads with devices that can be used to chain themselves, a protest and containment technique routinely used by climate activists. UK

However, the London police have further informed in their press release “Could not prove intent to use in investigation [les objets saisis] Chain each other and disrupt the demonstration.

Scotland Yard’s fault

“We regret that the six arrested will not be able to join the group of demonstrators in Trafalgar Square and on the march route.”Scholand Yard concludes, stressing that no prosecution will be initiated.

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The arrest of Graham Smith and five other republicans on Saturday was strongly criticized by hundreds of anti-monarchy demonstrators who had gathered to storm the carriage carrying Charles III to Westminster Abbey. “You must see this in Moscow, not in London”Human rights organization Human Rights Watch also reacted.

On May 6, 2023, members of the anti-monarchy group Republicans demonstrated in Trafalgar Square in London.

Graham Smith tweeted that three police officers attended his home on Monday evening and apologized. “Excuses are not accepted”he said.

Earlier, he criticized the new law on public order introduced as he said “Give them the power to arrest us on any pretext.”. “We no longer have the right to protest in this country, we have the freedom to protest only with the approval of the police and politicians.”He told the BBC.

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A total of 64 people, including environmental activists, were arrested by London police on the day of the monarch’s coronation.

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