March 25, 2023

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Luxury Restaurant Seeks “Grape Feeder” – High Demand –

Through job advertisement
Luxury London restaurant is looking for a professional ‘grape feeder’ – requirements are high

It’s an unusual job ad: a luxury restaurant in London is looking for a professional “grape forager,” the first in a British metropolis. But to get this job, you need to have good hands and language skills.

To stand out in the top London restaurant scene, you also need to know how to differentiate yourself. Bacchanalia, an upscale restaurant set to open later this year in London’s Mayfair, is causing a stir with an unusual job offer. At the start of October, Caprice Holdings Restaurants, the company behind ‘Bachanalia’, ran a major advert in the ‘Sunday Times’ seeking a professional ‘grape feeder’ – a first in London, according to the ‘company. The exact nature of the task is not described, but it can be guessed very easily: as in ancient Rome, visitors are fed fresh grapes directly into their mouths by a grape feeder.

The demands placed on applicants should not be completely underestimated. In fact, candidates were required not only to have a basic knowledge of Greek and Latin, but also to have “handsome hands”. Perks for future grape feeders include not only food and drinks at a luxury restaurant, but also manicures.

The “bacchanalia” is housed in a former Porsche showroom, which is currently being renovated. According to the Evening Standard, it will be decorated in ancient Greek style with statues, paintings and 2,000-year-old antiques. “It’s not just a restaurant, it’s a mind-blowing feast for the senses, a place where you’ll be absorbed into another world,” the restaurant promises on its website. This establishment serves Greek and Italian specialties. There is no menu, so no price has been disclosed, but according to the daily, lunch should cost around 300 pounds (about 340 euros).

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The restaurant’s name, which refers to the feasts of Bacchus in ancient Rome, clearly shows that it is not only dedicated to simple food. These parties, inspired by Bacchus, the Roman god of wine, often ended in unbridled revelry with alcohol and sex. As these parties became increasingly numerous over time, the Roman Senate submitted them for recognition in 186 BC.

The London restaurant is owned by British billionaire Richard Caring, who owns other luxury establishments in the city, including ‘Sexy Fish’ and ‘The Ivy Asia’ in Mayfair, with three Uptown locations. At the end of August, he proved that care is also a bit extravagant. The 74-year-old asked the city to close part of his street for two weeks to plant new trees in his garden in South Kensington, London. To complete his project, Caring needed a crane to lift the trees beyond his £40m terraced house. Residents are not the only ones angry at the move and the city council, which “bowed to the will of a billionaire who wants to have a beautiful garden,” a resident revealed in the “Guardian”. The operation not only diverted four bus routes, but Onslow Square is also seen as a critical route for emergency services and they had to take a detour.

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