May 29, 2023

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Macron’s re-election is a “bad thing” for 69% of French

Seven in 10 French people (69%) say Emmanuel Macron’s re-election is a bad thing for the country, according to a new survey by the Elabe Institute.

This is a growing concept 14 points The last poll was conducted a few weeks after his re-election on April 24, 2022, and the highest reading since April 2018, according to the survey released on Monday.

In detail, 39% (+11) His re-election a Very bad thing And 30% (+3) is a bad thing.

The majority of French people do not share the views By Emmanuel Macron And not appreciating his personality. so, 27% (-11 from March 8, 2022) Among the respondents, they support against the views of Emmanuel MacronE 72% (+11) Those who do not adhere to it.

Ed 30% (-12) Among them they say they like his personality 69% (+12) Who doesn’t appreciate it, and only 30% of French people think this second five-year term is a “good thing”.

Emmanuel Macron is regarded by the French as an authoritarian figure (77%, +8 from March 22, 2023), Arrogant (73%, +4), Infamous (68%), No sympathy (69%, +2) and anxiety (61%, =), According to the census.

And, almost 3 out of 4 French Emmanuel Macron’s actions on health are considered unsatisfactory (79%, +12 from February 2, 2022), Education (77%, +8), Public expenditure management (77%, +4), I’m immigration (77%, +1), The fight against insecurity (76%, +2)le social (75%), Struggle against social inequalities (75%, +1), purchasing power (74%, =), environment (73%, +3), economy (71%, +7) ; And nearly 2 in 3 are dissatisfied with the tax system (69%, +3)employment (66%, +6) and how to exercise the presidential function (65%).

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A majority of French people believe, moreover, that the president has not profoundly changed the country His first election in 2017.

Since the commencement of its first five-year term, 53% (+3 from February 2, 2022) French people believe that Emmanuel Macron has only changed some aspects of the country. 31% (-6) That he did not change the country, and 15% (+2) He changed it profoundly.

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