March 22, 2023

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Maghrébin ejected from Airbnb car (video)

Septi Boudjatja, the business manager at Mulhouse, decided to take her family to Annecy and see her sister and son who live there. Lee Muslim Post. He then booked an apartment for four people through the Airbnb platform. His mother, who suffers from Parkinson’s disease and has multiple strokes, was unable to climb the stairs, so he found himself being rented by elevator.

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Once the booking is verified, the family leaves the Malhouse for Annecy on Christmas Day, where the owner of the apartment is waiting for them to make inventory. The latter is unacceptable. “I no longer miss renting to the Taliban,” she murmured, before deciding to cancel the rent to the general surprise of the entrepreneur’s family. The latter had to spend the night with Septi Boudjatja’s brother, who had no elevator to access the ground in his apartment.

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Annecy decides to file a lawsuit against the mallhouse entrepreneur for “racial and ethnic discrimination based on birth or religion.” “Based on the evidence provided, we considered the issue reported to be a breach of Airbnb’s impartial policy,” Airbnb said in a December 26 refund of $ 460 in rent. Therefore, the platform decided to suspend all listings and bookings made by the owner on Airbnb.

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