March 22, 2023

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Mali: After sanctions, private sector pleads for country’s industrialization

#Mali : Economic and financial sanctions by ECOWAS and UEMOA have hit Mali’s economy hard, and economic operators are paying the highest price.

Indeed, since the imposition of economic sanctions against Mali, the private sector has worked hard to help the Malians overcome this difficult ordeal. Some operators sell at a loss to satisfy their peers.

According to Youssef Bathili, Mali’s head of trade and industry, his organization has not yet collected all the data on the impact of the crisis on Mali’s economy. He also believes that all Malians should learn from this ban to develop strategies for the industrialization of Mali.

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According to him, economic operators need to produce the wheat flour, soybeans, sesame, cotton, gold and many other commodities that Mali currently imports. For our interlocutors, Mali needs to create the right conditions to display its wealth. They also asked the government to come up with an emergency plan to support the private sector.

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