April 1, 2023

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Mali: An influential imam criticizes the military’s “arrogance” and the pride of the international community

#Mali : Imam Mahmoud Diko, the great Malian figure, on Thursday attacked the “arrogance” of the soldiers who run the country, while boasting of the international community while wrestling with each other.

Such criticism of the government has become the exception from such a prominent national figure. Speaking at a debate in Bamako that lasted until Saturday, the influential cleric joked about the possibility of arrest when his comments came out.

He spoke in support of the US Alliance, but said that maintaining some independence was important in February 2022.

Mali people Was taken hostage Between the two and in the process Die slowly Especially as a result of the spread and shortage of jihadists due to international sanctions, Imam Diko said.

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This is why I talked about the arrogance of our leaders. I say here, I can go out and they will question me, but I will say: their arrogance, and the pride of the international community, is that the Malian people are paying for this.He hammer.

It is very serious: a weak political class that is immovable, a civil society that has ceased to exist, to say the least, and we are being pushed among people who want change indefinitely. (Junta) People with (and) principles», he said.

The economic community in West Africa launched a strong crackdown on Mali in January, approving a five-year military coup. The military junta has reduced its claims to 24 months.

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Negotiations are still ongoing and ECOWAS leaders are scheduled to hold a summit on Mali and other issues on June 4 in Agra.

Mahmoud Diko has not made such comments public for some time. President Ibrahim Boubacar was the leader of the struggle against Qaeda until he was overthrown on August 18, 2020 by soldiers still in power today.