May 29, 2023

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Mali: Senior civil servants trained in organizational communication

#Mali : Senior executives from the Ministry of Reconstruction of the State strengthen their capacity in corporate communication at the International Convention Center of Bamako (CICB).

At the beginning of his remarks, Abraham Bengali, Secretary General of the Ministry of Reconstruction of the State in charge of relations with companies, declared that it is more than necessary to initiate agents of the administration to company communication techniques. , especially in view of the multifaceted crisis environment Mali has been facing since 2012. According to him, the crisis has been exacerbated by misinformation and rumours, and comments and reports from all directions.

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Therefore, this training session is appropriate to provide good and solid communication at the reconstruction site and appropriate solutions to the challenges related to the missions, activities and achievements of the Ministry of State Reconstruction. Thus, for three days, senior executives of the Ministry of Reconstruction of the State will learn about various concepts such as the conceptual approach to organizational communication and the methodology for developing a strategy and organizational communication plan.

It is to be noted that the exercise is part of the Economic Governance and Gender Development Support Program (PAGE-PG) programme.

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