March 30, 2023

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Mali: The Mohammed VI Foundation of African Ulema is holding a competition for memorizing and reciting the Holy Quran.

Sunday, January 29, 2023 at 01:17 PM

Bamako -The Mohammed VI Foundation of African Ulema, Mali Division, recently organized the 4th edition of the National Competition for memorizing, reciting and chanting the Holy Quran with the participation of 92 candidates.

A jury consisting of members of the Mohammed VI Foundation of African Ulama, Mali Division, selected the finalists from various religious centers in the country in three categories, namely memorization of the Holy Quran in its entirety according to Riwayat Warch, memorization of the Holy Quran in its entirety according to the rubric chosen by the candidate and memorization of five Hizbi.

The candidates selected to represent Mali in the final stage of the competition scheduled during Ramadan are Masire Sacco, Hamza Ba and Youssef Amadou Chou.

In a speech for the event, the Royal Ambassador to Mali, Driss Isbain, underlined that the competition derives its essence from the spiritual ties that bind Morocco and brotherly African countries in general, and Mali in particular.

He pointed out that the initiative aims to unite the efforts of all the scholars of Morocco and Mali in order to preserve the religious and human values ​​that have always prevailed in the ancestral relations between the two countries.

“This is an initiative that can only contribute to conveying and inculcating the benefits of our religion to all and protecting Islam from ignorance, deviation and extremism,” said Mr. Isbain pointed out.

For his part, Mali’s Minister of Religious Affairs and Worship, Mohamed Koneh, pointed out that the Kingdom of Morocco attaches great importance to the Holy Quran and its memorization.

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“The relations between Morocco and Mali are not from today,” he stressed, adding that the ties uniting the two countries continue to strengthen.

The Malian minister took the opportunity to express his gratitude to the Mohammed VI Foundation of African Olema for organizing the competition, stressing that the foundation is “sustainable” and that its efforts are part of the strong cooperation between Mali and Morocco. The relationship between the two countries is centuries old.

For his part, the Foundation’s Secretary General, Mali Division, Housin Diakide, said the competition, H.M. King Mohammed VI asserted that the Ameer al-Mu’minin reflected his great interest in the Holy Qur’an.

He noted that the initiative aims to encourage the continent’s “children” to memorize the Holy Book, recite it and be inspired by its words to carry out their daily lives.

It should be recalled that the General Secretariat of the Mohammed VI Foundation of African Ulama organized the preliminaries of the fourth edition of the Holy Quran Memorization, Recitation and Psalm Competition this January, with the coordination of all divisions in Africa. .

At the end of these preliminaries held at the level of the Foundation’s 34 member divisions, a winner was appointed in each of the three categories of the competition, namely: memorization of the entire Holy Qur’an by recitation. Warch an Nafiâ; Memorization of the entire Holy Quran according to the recitation chosen by the candidate and memorization of at least five Hisbs of the Holy Quran along with Psalms (Tajwid).

The winners of the three categories of this competition will participate in the finals held in the holy month of Ramadan.

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