March 25, 2023

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Malian MAE: Bamako “does not exclude anything” in its relationship with Paris

Hespress FRSaturday 29 January 2022 – 01:08

Mali “does not exclude anything” from its relations with Paris, it reveals. The position was expressed by Mali’s Foreign and International Cooperation Minister Abdulaziz Dioub on Friday, although he noted that the demand for the withdrawal of French troops was not “on the table” at the moment.

In an interview with RFI, Diop confirmed that “Mali does not exclude anything on these questions unless our interests are taken into account.”

And insisting that Mali is ready if necessary to condemn the security agreement that ended with France, which should be amended recently in Paris because “certain provisions are unconstitutional and contrary to Mali’s sovereignty”.

“We expect a quick response from Paris. If there is no answer, make sure Mali accepts himself, ”he reiterated.

Asked about the possible demand for the withdrawal of French troops, as Bamako did with the Danish special forces, the minister pointed out that “this question is not on the table right now.”

However, he wanted to point out that “if being present at a particular time is considered contrary to Mali’s interests, we will not hesitate to take responsibility, but we are not there yet.”

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