March 30, 2023

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Many states are demanding SADR’s expulsion from the AU

We, former African Prime Ministers and Foreign Ministers;

Participating in 14Th From November 2 to 5, 2022, in Tangier, under the high patronage of His Majesty King Mohammed VI, the edition of MEDays International Forum organized by Amadeus Institute;

In this context, he is speaking at a round table « The African Union in the Light of the Question of the Moroccan Sahara »Organized on November 4, 2022;

To promote unity, solidarity, solidarity and effective economic cooperation among the independent and sovereign nations of Africa, inspired by the ideals of the founding fathers of Pan-Africanism;

Strongly linked and actively working towards the affirmation of these noble ideals beyond the policies of states and relations between nations, making our call for peace, security, harmony and unity of the continent heard loud and clear;

Commemorating and commemorating the historic work of the Casablanca Group, its Pan-African principles and the memory of its illustrious patron, the late His Majesty King Mohammed V;

In line with the objectives and principles set out in the Constitutive Act of the African Union in its Articles 3 and 4;

Reiterating the need to respect the principles of international law, sovereignty and independence of African countries;

Working for a stronger continent, removing the ideologies of another era that feed divisions;

Agenda 2063 is guided by the Pan-African Sustainable Vision, namely “ A unified, prosperous and peaceful Africa, driven by its own citizens and representing a dynamic force on the international stage » ;

Recognizing the imperative of regional and continental economic integration, the success of the Common African Free Trade Area (ZLECAF) rests on the cornerstone of African economic unity: regional economic communities ensuring the free movement of people. and materials;

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Resolved to fight all forms of extremism, separatism and separatism;

Appearing in Mauritania in May 2021, it notes with satisfaction the credible pan-African intellectual dynamics implemented by political, economic and academics in Senegal, Ghana, Tanzania and the Democratic Republic of the Congo in the same year. Credible representatives of civil societies:

  • South Africa;
  • Angola;
  • Cameroon;
  • Cape Verde;
  • Comoros;
  • Ivory Coast;
  • Gabon;
  • The Gambia;
  • Guinea-Bissau;
  • Kenya;
  • Liberia;
  • Mali;
  • Mozambique;
  • Nigeria;
  • Uganda;
  • Central African Republic;
  • Republic of the Congo;
  • Rwanda;

On the pseudo-“RAST” within the African Union and its regrettable consequences, dynamics that are irrelevant to say the least;

In turn, the bitter observation that the existence of a non-state and non-sovereign entity in the African Union is comparable to a political and ideological conspiracy rather than a legal and legitimate legal act – a flagrant violation of the Charter of the Organization of African Unity, 1982;

He recalled in his message to the 27the At the African Union Summit in Kigali in July 2016, His Majesty King Mohammed VI formalized Morocco’s desire to reintegrate its natural place within the African family. call for reinstatement of Morocco at the same time pseudo-“rasd” was suspended;

The Kingdom of Morocco, a founding member of the African Union, warmly welcomes its solemn return to the African Union in January 2017. , to the objectives and functioning of our continental organization under Moroccan sovereignty;

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Of interest, it should be noted that two-thirds of African countries do not or do not recognize the pseudo-“RAST” institution, and half of the continent’s countries have opened embassies in Lyon and Dakla to date;

Supporting the need to correct historical anomaly, legal aberration and political misinterpretation, illegal and improper inclusion, then unfair maintenance within the continental system of pseudo-“RAST” and its operational impact is negative;

Fully aware of our responsibility and the importance of our approach to support the construction of a renewed, inclusive and inclusive Pan-Africanism,

  1. Let’s launch a heartfelt appeal for expulsion from the ranks of the African Union:
  2. Violation of Article 3(b) and 4(b) of the Constitution of the African Union;
  3. An artificial entity imposed solely on the Organization of African Unity/African Union, contrary to all legality and legitimacy;
  4. An artificial entity not subject to any of the elements of a state, namely a territory, population and effective government;
  5. An artificial entity that is non-sovereign and independent;
  6. An artificial entity without international legal responsibility;
  7. An artificial institution with no added value hindering the effectiveness of the African Union;
  8. An artificial entity that threatens African unity and political and economic integration;
  9. An artificial entity that threatens regional stability and security.
  10. The request for the Amadeus Institute and its partner African Think Tanks to produce a “white paper” combining their analyzes and their reasonable recommendations, as a result of this round table and previous conferences and meetings held in several countries of the continent.
  11. Decide to establish a “Communication Committee” responsible for bringing this “Call Tangier” to African Heads of State and decision makers of the African Union through the aforementioned “White Paper”. These persons constitute the members of the “Call of Tangier” and the “Communication Committee”:
  • EM Dileita Mohamed Dileita, former Prime Minister of Djibouti;
  • EM Martin Ziguélé, former Prime Minister of the Central African Republic;
  • EM Lutfo Dlamini, former Minister of Foreign Affairs of Eswatini;
  • EM Gbehzohngar Milton Findley, former Foreign Minister of Liberia;
  • EM Regis ImmongaultTatangani, former foreign minister of Gabon;
  • EM Francis Kasaila, former Minister of Foreign Affairs of Malawi;
  • EM Mankeur Ndiaye, former Foreign Minister of Senegal;
  • EM Mamadi Touré, former Foreign Minister of Guinea;
  • EM Raphael Tuju, former Foreign Minister of Kenya.
  1. Achieving this objective is necessary for the viability of the African Union and therefore let us decide to mobilize for the future of the continent.