April 1, 2023

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Marrakech during the 14th US-Africa Business Summit

From July 19 to 22, Marrakesh, Morocco welcomes, Under the high patronage of King Mohammed VI, 14th (US-Africa Business Summit). By hosting the event, the city of Kavi becomes the first city in the north of the continent to do so.

The forum is organized under the theme Corporate Council of Africa (CCA). Let’s build the future together “. This edition will bring together heads of state, public and private economic operators, and American and African companies. Hosting this summit represents a unique opportunity for the Kingdom.

Indeed, over the years, the North African country has developed a very favorable economic well-being, which has turned the eyes of all international powers towards the region. This is why Morocco has the honor of hosting this event, where it can showcase its full potential in the business world.

The summit will focus on engaging public and private sector stakeholders to build stronger investment and trade ties between the US and Africa. The program featured more than 35 plenary sessions and roundtables focusing on strategic sectors in economic and trade cooperation between the United States and Africa: agribusiness, infrastructure, energy and climate change, health, cybersecurity, and communications. These days, This reflects Morocco’s ambition to develop the sector.

The Kingdom will show the importance of sustainable development in Africa, one of its economic strengths in recent years. It is noteworthy that the Maghreb country has been able to attract global companies to develop sustainable and environmental projects, which is already beginning to bear fruit and is a major global economic center for this industry that is internationally relevant.

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Morocco’s business environment is also noteworthy. Thanks to the country’s laws that allow for reduced taxes and incentives, businesses benefit and can operate in a stable environment. International brands benefit the most from these advantages and can make their way into the continent.

CCA’s President and CEO, Florizelle (Florie) Liser, CCA’s third President and CEO and the first woman since CCA’s creation in 1993, took the opportunity to return to the themes on the agenda. . He addressed the challenges of an edition conducted against the backdrop of geopolitical tensions that have had a significant impact on Africa since the pandemic. In addition, he noted the immense growth potential in the continent, especially in view of the implementation of the African Continental Free Trade Area (Zlecaf). He also highlighted the role of the private sector and public-private partnerships for sustainable and inclusive growth.

The CCA president paid tribute to Morocco’s role, under the leadership of King Mohammed VI, as a hub for promoting investment, trade and commerce between the United States and the continent. ” The summit provides an excellent opportunity to highlight economic relations between the United States and Morocco, economic relations between Morocco and sub-Saharan Africa, and broader economic relations between the United States and Africa. “, she said.

Florrie Liser brings to this leading private, African-focused US firm extensive experience working with the private sector throughout her career in the US government. He previously served as Deputy US Trade Representative for Africa since 2003, among others.

For her part, Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC) President Alice Albright underlined in Casablanca on Monday that MCC recognizes the potential of Moroccan youth to transform the economy.

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« At MCC, we recognize the potential of Moroccan youth to transform the economy, and I am confident that by investing in education, we can realize this potential.Albright said during a field visit to the Training Institute in Transport and Logistics Industries (IFMTL) in Nouaceur.

On this occasion, the Chairman of the MCC said that he is very happy to mention the important work of building this institution which will benefit from the support of the “Commodity” Fund set up by the cooperation program “Compact II” concluded in between. Morocco and the United States, and its implementation is entrusted to the Millennium Challenge Account-Morocco Agency (MCA-Morocco).

And to support: ” I lead a large US government team that includes senior officials representing 10 departments and agencies as well as the US private sector. This is an opportunity to revitalize our partnerships across the continent, and there is no better place to celebrate these partnerships than in Morocco, where our relationship dates back to 2006. ».

MCC, through MCA-Morocco, has invested more than $1 billion in financing two compacts in Morocco, Alice Albright recalls: “ We are proud to partner with the Moroccan government on programs and reforms that affect hundreds of thousands of Moroccans.«.

In 2017, MCC and the Moroccan government began implementing the MCC agreement with a budget of $460 million, which was invested in the land and employment sectors. ” Through this project, we are working together to increase land productivity and prepare Moroccan youth for the job market.“, explained Albright, noting that ” 15 Technical and Vocational Training Centers are currently being co-constructed through the Charaka Fund to use the new pilot approach driven by the private sector.«.

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