March 25, 2023

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Marrakech-Menara Airport has been voted the 7th best airport in the world in 2021

“As a gateway to one of North Africa’s most popular tourist destinations, Marrakech International Airport is a worthy introduction to Morocco,” Conte Nast Traveler underlined in his “Reader’s Choice Awards” column. “

“By the time you land, you know you’ve been flown to North Africa. The airport is a direct reflection of culture,” says the magazine, with passengers frantically talking about “its stunning design.”

The airport scored 78.91 / 100 out of 800.000 readers Of American Press, based on their travel experiences By The airport site covers an area of ​​22 hectares and has three terminals with an annual capacity of 9 million passengers.

Singapore Changi Airport has been selected as the best airport in the world. Regular Istanbul Airport (20), Narita Airport (30, Japan), Incheon International Airport (40, South Korea), Hamad (50, Qatar) and Dubai (60, United Arab Emirates) provide the same source. Athens International Airport (Greece) ranks 8th, followed by Zurich (Switzerland) and London (United Kingdom) airports.

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