March 22, 2023

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Mauritania: Strong presence of sub-Saharan migrants in small trade

#Mauritania : West African immigrants have a strong presence in Nouakchott, where they work in many small trades: welders, carpenters, mechanics, hairdressers, construction workers.

Many people in Nouakchott, from West African countries, find themselves in small local jobs like these two metal carpenters and woodworkers, established next to the plantations of Sepka (a southwestern suburb of Nouakchott), or many of these Malian painters who visit daily. Mortgage applicants for a specific location (Tewrak-China City) in Madinah 3 will have to wait for services in his department.

Lamin Thiam, a metal welder, arrived in Nouakchott in 2012. The man, who opened a workshop in Sepka in 2013, considers Mauritania a good host country. On the business side, Welder knows the ups and downs. Cut-off periods depend on the frequency or rarity of markets for doors, iron windows, and sometimes aluminum.

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Abdoulaye M’Baye, cabinet maker carpenter owner of a workshop located in the same alignment in Sepka, arrived in Mauritania in 2017. He provides statistics on the prices of various furniture, especially beds in bedrooms, and the sizes ordered.

Moussa Koulibaly, painter from Mali, has been living in Nouakchott since 2014. Every day, he shows up at a place in the commercial district of Medina 3, where many specialized workers from sub-Saharan Africa, and sometimes Mauritanians, meet and wait. A potential customer. A very random prospect as the days have gone by without any requests for 3 months from this guy from Cayes (West Mali).