May 30, 2023

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M’Barki case: In France, investigation opened on suspicion of interference

Credit: MAXPPP.

A preliminary investigation was launched in Paris after a complaint against X filed by BFMTV for suspected interference with the work of its journalist Rachid M’Barki has since been dismissed, AFP reported Thursday, citing sources familiar with the matter.

The investigation is open “recently” and entrusted to the Deputy Director of Economic and Financial Affairs of the Paris Judicial Police. The National Financial Prosecutor’s Office (PNF), which did not want to confirm the information, only informed AFP that it was located. “Exclusion of the Paris Prosecutor’s Office”We see from the same source.

As a reminder, Rachid M’Barkey was rejected by BFM TV, which decided to file a complaint against X the next day for passive corruption and breach of trust. The complaint is the result of an internal investigation.

From the work of Rachid M’Barkey, over a dozen abstracts have been identified by BFM TV management. One of them, according to the information currently available, is the question of Morocco and Western Sahara.

The Story Killers investigation, coordinated by Forbidden Stories, proved that Rachid M’Barkey was linked to an Israeli pharmacy.

The man denied this during a hearing in the National Assembly on Wednesday as part of an inquiry into foreign interference in France. He denied being manipulated by any party and, in response to questions, said he was never paid by Morocco to say anything.

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