June 6, 2023

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McCarthy was finally elected “Speaker” of the United States Congress despite tensions among Republicans

Kevin McCarthy finally joined the U.S. House of Representatives on Saturday after a difficult process marked by very strong tensions among Republicans that have weakened opposition to Democratic President Joe Biden.

After four days of unprecedented chaos in Congress, the committee finally agreed to block the nomination of the fifty-year-old from California.

But the scenes of chaos that marked the half-cycle — the yelling, the shouting, the pointing of fingers — foreshadowed more heated debates in Congress over the next two years.

On the menu for the next few months are negotiations on raising the U.S. public debt ceiling, funding the federal government and releasing additional funds for the war in Ukraine.

Congratulating Kevin McCarthy at midnight on Saturday, Joe Biden immediately called on him to “govern responsibly and in the interests of the American people.”

Without control of both chambers and a slim majority in the Senate since he takes office in January 2021, the US president can no longer be trusted to pass major legislation.

Thus, his big promises about a federal law covering abortion rights, a ban on assault rifles, or broad electoral reform to protect the voting rights of minorities were buried.

But with a Senate in Democratic hands, Republicans can’t unravel what they promised to deal with measures passed under Joe Biden. However, with new control of the House, Republicans have vowed to launch multiple investigations into Joe Biden’s handling of the pandemic or his withdrawal from Afghanistan.

“It’s time to exercise control over the president’s policy,” said Kevin McCarthy from the Hemicycle as he took the oath of office, replacing Democrat Nancy Pelosi in the post.

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Facing a hostile but confused House would be a political boon for Joe Biden if he confirms his intention to run again in 2024 — a decision he is set to announce earlier in the year.