April 1, 2023

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McGee says he was “confirmed” after the meeting with Putin Africa | DW

The President of Senegal, Macy Sal, the current President of the African Union, met with President Vladimir Putin this Friday, June 3, in Sochi, southern Russia.
Maggie Sll specifically called for the release of reserves of grain and fertilizer that could not leave Ukraine, and its immobility particularly affects African countries.

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The exchange between Mackie Salou, the head of the African Union Commission, and Vladimir Putin lasted about ten minutes. In Sochi, the leader of the African Union, he first reminded the Russian speaker that most countries on the continent were suffering the consequences of the attack on Ukraine, while most of these countries avoided condemning Russia by two votes. UN

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Despite the enormous pressure, most African countries have refrained from condemning Russia. There is a good part of humanity that, in fact, is very careful about what happens. It is in the name of these beliefs that I have come to see you that you should realize that these countries, though far removed from the stage, are mired in this economic crisis.“I know, I’m convinced that President Putin is right.

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Barrier-free food sector

McCall also called on the food sector not to be affected by Western sanctions imposed on Russia.

We no longer have grains from Russia and especially wheat and fertilizers when our agriculture is already in short supply “, he said. He explained. “This poses a serious threat to the food security of the continent. We must work together to ensure that everything related to food components is outside of sanctions.“.

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The EU has already stated that European sanctions will not affect grain exports, but that the imposition on many Russian banks will make transactions more difficult. In Africa, which imports large quantities of wheat from Ukraine or Russia, the UN has warned that no ship can leave Ukrainian ports, especially due to the conflict. For his part he fears a severe food crisis.

Putin praised the good cooperation with Africa

As for Vladimir Putin, he particularly emphasized Moscow’s support for African countries to free themselves from the influence of the former colonial powers. He also praised the good cooperation between his country and the continent. On the food side, Maggie Soul mentions that he would have mentioned. “There are many ways to facilitate shipments through the port of Odessa“, It must be destroyed, or”Via Mariupol port“, Which recently resumed service with the capture of the city by Moscow, or even”By Danoub“Or” lIn Belarus“.

We are at a new juncture in the development of our relations with African countries. ” A dit Vladimir Putin. “I have to say that this has some positive effect. Our trade turnover is increasing. In the first months of this year, it has increased by more than 34%. We are trying to develop humanitarian relations with African countries and we will do that. “.

Mackie Sal told Vladimir Putin of the continent’s concerns. It remains to be seen whether they will be taken into account by the Russian president.