March 22, 2023

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Memory and History [Par Najib Salmi]

Memory and History [Par Najib Salmi]

There are fights at all levels, but the use and editing of the smart people who run the club ensures that the polished speech that comes out of the microphones is the station, or priority if you will.

It’s time to wake up and listen, the news, the news, the newspapers we read gave way to the era. In today’s climate, there is no need to wait for the paper to be printed and distributed. Therefore, it is fashionable, before you get a fresh start, turn on your laptop or tune into your favorite radio.

70s Grassman extraordinaire Hado Zatur has passed away. This gemmory should have been the first Moroccan gold medalist in 1972.

There, the choice is wide, we are only embarrassed to choose what we are going to listen to, while keeping an eye on the pale screen of the smartphone, if the last-minute news has escaped the wake. … defensemen. Moreover, these security guards, the custodians of information and the ones responsible for satisfying the thirst of consumers, are in the grip of the panic of “missing” important information.

Henceforth, it can be seen and felt everywhere, even the person in charge of the program is amplifying the calls for help to maintain his ratings: “Stay with us…”… “After this news it will be heavy… ” . The message is certainly advertising, more or less long, more or less interesting depending on the weight of the radio or media.

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This phenomenon is emphasized when it comes to television, as “bands” scroll information across the screen, except for consultants or journalists invited from the studios. Not forgetting that everyone, including the presenter, is connected to one control screen, and everyone from the boss to the attendees can express their opinion instantly, finding the index of public satisfaction. Is there more freedom of information today? It has diversified, it has proliferated thanks to modern means, but has it progressed to all that?

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The end of everything

Perfection, of course, does not exist in this world. Neither is true, alas. However, what is written is written, and in the clamor of news, and facts colliding with each other, sometimes bits of information float up that, later, make history. Thus, during this week, when the good public had eyes only to eat and digest what was given to them, something happened that speaks volumes for the state and quality of those who are (and are) responsible for informing us.

So from golf’s Throne Cup, to the horse-riding in the Liassidi family, to the christening of 3000m steeplechase champion Soufiann Bekli, what has happened in world and national tennis, nothing has been deepened or exposed. However, death always watches and reminds us that nothing is eternal. 70s Grassman extraordinaire Hado Zatur has passed away. This gemmory should have been the first Moroccan gold medalist in 1972. What happened in the 1972 Olympics in Munich when he was “missed” by the Tunisian Kammoudi in the 5000m race, 20 years later, the late King Hassan II allowed Zador to die with dignity, none of this was reported.

Once Qatar discovers everything

The list of recruits… subsequent matches… the approaching World Cup… the opinions of consultants…. everything is intertwined, but essential. What is essential is images and living things. When there are images they are found. In our time, it’s easy. The rest have the memories of… survivors. Qatar, with its multilingual bean channels and its investments in soccer (PSG), has prepared its World Cup as much as possible.

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He seeks to master communication and the surrounding information. We cannot understand the problem of football in one lifetime. What remains is what each individual’s experience gives us. From these crumbs in the aggregate, each will make his own honey. As the turmoil of life settles, we begin to understand, which means to know. Quietly, we’ll see next week in this section or maybe elsewhere. Who knows ? And, did you ever know?

Munich 72 and its Bloody Olympics: Has All Been Told?

On September 5, 1972, the date of the hostage-taking in the Olympic village of the Munich Olympics, 50 years later, the international press devoted its programs and reports. “L’Equipe Magazine” took an interest in it and made it the cover of the magazine and Editor-in-Chief Geraldine Catalano acknowledges in his editorial: “Half a century has passed and tragedy continues to haunt us. Why? Because he represents an indelible mark in the history of sports, everything changed after him..

The result is beautiful and inspiring:

“We have to remember that there is darkness and light in the game, and we have to know how to think through both in order to progress.” No one here will be insulted by telling them what happened in Munich that day. However, we regret a major omission in explaining the tragedy. Even today when we want to know, we forget important details. At the time, the Moroccan delegation to the Olympic Games in Munich was substantial, and Moroccan journalists came to cover what promised to be the most beautiful Games in history. Germany, for its part, was keen to erase the memory of 1936 and the Olympic Games organized in honor of Hitler.

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International press arrived in large numbers, German knowledge, the beauty of Bavaria’s cities and sites and the Olympics and political leaders spared no effort to show their best side. That didn’t stop some from saying during a press conference that the Olympic Village felt like being in a dacha. The Munich official, who had come to meet the press, paled at the deception. Actions taken immediately, which ones? We don’t know, but today, the same journalists or their descendants write as if they entered a factory in the Olympic Village.

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Another piece of information forgotten in retrospect: the slain Israeli athletes were killed at the airport and came under fire from the German police, because the “Black September” commando got the plane after hours of deliberation and tormented everyone. There was chaos at the airport around 10 pm. All the hostages were released and the commando members were reported dead. In fact, all nine hostages died at the airport ahead of the plane that was supposed to take them.

The balance is first hidden.

The airport’s surroundings were empty. The airport had no lights, let alone the tarmac and the take-off and landing strips. What happened that night was covered up and historians today cover up the essentials. “Black September” Commando plays the role of the villain. This is how history is written, forgetting that others also unknowingly played a dramatic role in this tragic event. On this front, right-wing Europe and its media, inflated by their egos and their biases, are slow to back down today.