March 26, 2023

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Minusma announces resumption of its flights


In Mali, Minusma, UN flights to the country may resume. “Its devices have been shut down since Monday. Restructuring of the air approval process The interim government’s UN. Nothing can be done, let alone the restrictions imposed on Mali by ECOWAS. ” Useful discussions According to Minusma, Malian authorities have finally allowed these flights to restart.

Administrative procedures were resumed on Thursday for an effective restart of flights this Friday, January 21st. Since Monday, talks between Minusma and Mali’s defense ministry have been intense. To restructure the approval process for UN aircraft In the country. For four days, no Minusma flights were allowed to take off, except for medical discharges. Never seen.

So far, We explain on behalf of the UN mission, There was monthly pre-approval. Flights are allowed by default and we will notify them a few days or hours in advance. But Mali’s interim government wanted to put in place a new protocol to take control of its airspace.

Minusma will therefore no longer refer to planned and approved flights to Mali authorities in the long run. Asked by RFI, Mali’s Ministry of Defense did not want to provide details. According to Minusma, the UN in Mali About fifty aircraft, civilian and military are carried out every day by the mission.

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