June 6, 2023

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Monday-2022: Belgium cries, Morocco laughs

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In the headlines, Friday, December 2: In Qatar, Morocco and Croatia qualified for the round of 16 on Thursday, while Belgium were knocked out in the pools. Elsewhere, concerns are growing in France over possible power shortages and nightlife continues in war-torn Kyiv.

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Will we get enough electricity this winter? The French press is more skeptical In order to meet the energy saving measures The government has suggested in a circular sent to the Chief Ministers. Le Figaro The title is “January’s Great Fear”, referring to possible power outages of up to two hours, in case of peak consumption. “Who would have thought that a 21st-century nuclearized France would be plunged into darkness by energy shortages?” asks the editorial, the most severe of thirty years of French energy policies. beside him, the crossRecall that France is once again becoming an electricity importing country, which has not happened in 42 years. French electricity comes partly from Germany Electricity is mainly generated by coal-fired power plants. Bad news for the environment.

“In Kiev, life and celebration notwithstanding”, the headline Parisian. How do you party when you’re young in a country at war? “Walking out is a way to protest. […] This is our freedom, our way of life.” 24-year-old Natalya explains. But how long will this last? To Alain Frachon Monde, The solution can only come from two actors: Ukraine and Russia. Except that the demands of each are unacceptable to the other. Hence the title, “impossible negotiation” and The risk of a war lasting months.

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Shock wave in Qatar! Belgium and Germany were eliminated in the first round. Free Belgium Talks about a new disappointment After these countless eliminations. After 2014 and 2018, Belgium has yet to pick up the slack. the evening, which he sees as the end of a cycle for this golden generation. The defeat in particular sounded the death knell for many managerial players, notably coach Roberto Martinez, who announced his resignation. “Katarstrophe”, the title for the piece Morning post, After another elimination in the group stage of the Mannschaft. In 2014, Germany were crowned world champions, especially after a valuable victory over Brazil in the semi-finals. Everything seems so far away now.

Smiles, on the other hand, are after the Atlas Lions qualified for the 8th final in Morocco. “The Stratospheric Lions of the Atlas”, caption Morocco today. The next challenge is against Spain.