April 1, 2023

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Moroccan students from Ukraine: Coordination in Morocco will be through competitive examination

In response to an oral question in the Council of Councilors, the Minister of Higher Education filed a memorandum on the progress of the file in this regard. Moroccan students returning from Ukraine.

“We set up a system first The first digital site List these students and identify their specialties, “Abdellatif Mirawi recalled. 7,000 Moroccan students from Ukraine joined there; 75% Those who specialize in them Medicine, Dentistry And inside Pharmacy.

Second, these students were asked to submit supporting documents certifying their training course in Ukraine. The Minister of Higher Education has informed some 3.255 Electronic files were downloaded by Second floorE designed by the Ministry for this purpose.

In order to integrate the universities of Morocco, Ukrainian students must pass a competitive examination.

The Ministry held intensive consultations with Higher education institutions Related, Public and private Together, Miraoui pointed out, with the aim of providing solutions to the problem of integrating students from Ukraine at the level of Moroccan universities.

Here are the key points that emerge:

– Considering the number of seats Each company may include, especially in relation to the fields of medicine, dentistry and veterinary medicine and architecture.

– Involvement of government and private schools In the possible integration of Moroccan students from Ukraine.

– Submission of students from UkraineIn the first year (all courses and diplomas combined), in The same procedures Required Moroccan students based on application and enrollment in state universities.

– Duty for students from Ukraine Pass an exam To access a level prior to their current training level (e.g., students in Year 5 will compete to enter Year 4 at the University of Morocco).

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The Minister of Education said that these competitions will be held immediately Ait al-Adha. Moroccan students from Ukraine who pass these competitions will benefit Language training And Training in scientific and academic termsHe added.

Liaison has been established with diplomatic services Romanian, Hungarian And Bulgarians “In order to explore the possibility of welcoming Moroccan students from Ukraine, they have an education system similar to that of Ukraine,” Abdelladif Mirawi pointed out. The ministry has received proposals from Romania and Hungary, the minister concluded, which will be announced soon.