May 30, 2023

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Moroccan tanks “smuggled” for Ukraine: Moroccan media broadcast Russian disinformation

Maria Zakharova, spokeswoman for the Russian Foreign Ministry. Credit: DR

Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova accused the Czech Republic on April 17 of “appropriating” Moroccan armored vehicles of Soviet design for delivery to Ukraine. denied the allegations. However, the diplomat’s words were broadcast without distance by some Moroccan media.

In a scripted question-and-answer exercise, Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said April 17 The Czech Republic condemned the transfer of modernized Moroccan tanks of Soviet design to Ukraine.

“We consider this unfortunate case as further evidence of the hostile anti-Russian trend pursued by the Czech authorities, in which Prague does not hesitate to violate the basic norms of international law governing the arms trade and seize other people’s assets”, A former BBC journalist turned campaigner.

Zakharova pointed out that before Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, Morocco signed a contract with the Czech company Excalibur military to modernize 130 T-72B tanks bought in Belarus between 1999-2001. After the work was completed, only 56 combat vehicles were returned to the kingdom, he said.

“The remaining 74 pieces of armored vehicles were confiscated by the Czech side for further transfer to the war zone in Ukraine.” And play Zakharova.

The spokesperson added that Moroccans faced “Concluded Agreement”, It convicted them before Minsk of breaching their obligation not to transfer tanks to third countries without the supplier’s consent.

“We regret to see a repetition of the sad experience of the Second World War, when Czech companies, which were part of the military-industrial complex of Nazi Germany, tirelessly supplied weapons for the war against the Soviet Union to the Third Reich. Obviously, history has not taught the current leaders of the Czech Republic anything, and they voluntarily abandoned their country. They turned it into one of the main sites for the production, repair and modernization of military equipment sent to the neo-Nazi regime in Kiev (…) », Then attacked Zakharova.

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The reminder is based on images published in early January by Czech magazine, an Algerian military propaganda site Mena protection Morocco says it has surrendered its T-72B tanks to Ukraine. As proved later Lay deskIt was a fake news born out of the manipulation of information previously confirmed by Excalibur, claiming that the Kingdom had accepted an order for spare parts following an agreement with Washington.

By taking up the Algerian story, which has been proven hollow (photos of tanks do not match the Moroccan material), the Russian diplomat’s apparent aim is to accuse Prague of violence. with the western camp. And a hoax based on schoolboy arithmetic would have little effect in the Moroccan press. Lack of awareness, some topics etc Media24 A remote publication of Zakharova’s words on the grounds that they came from an official Russian source, however, is notorious for its fake news.

“We note with regret that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia has become a ministry of lies and war”, Daniel Drake, a spokesman for Czech diplomacy, responded.

“Misinformation is not worth commenting on” Excalibur spokesman Andrej Čírtek responded to Zakharova’s big string.