March 22, 2023

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Morocco-Algeria: Crisis intensifies

Algeria supports the Policario Front against Morocco in the conflict in the Sahara. For years, the country has been calling for a referendum, while Morocco has been proposing a plan for the region’s autonomy. Despite the support of the United States, Israel, Germany, France and more recently Spain for the Moroccan resolution, Algeria remains firm in its position.

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The two countries clash at another ground: Kabili. The Permanent Representative to the United Nations in Morocco recently called for the right to self-determination in this mountainous region northeast of Algeria. “Why does Kabbalah not allow Algeria to decide its own destiny, to express itself and to choose its own destiny, as Algeria demands of the inhabitants of the Tindouf camps (Zahrawi)?” “The Moroccan ambassador said.

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Responding to these comments, Algerian Special Envoy to the Sahara Ammar Blani lamented that Morocco “makes a bad comparison with the right of the Sahara people to self-determination and sows confusion in national and international public opinion. Legitimized internationally and through UN resolutions”. Add: ‚ÄúLeaders of the National Liberation War (against France) are from the Kapili region. Algeria is one and inseparable.

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Morocco continues to regret that the Algerian diplomat continues to subject thousands of civilians from the Rif region of Morocco to “extremely severe torture and humiliation.” Dangerous exchanges that increase tensions between the two countries.