June 6, 2023

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Morocco can boast good firepower

The current situation between Algeria and Morocco is very tense. But is armed conflict possible for all that? No! According to many experts and the reasons are many.

A look at Global Fire Power (GFP), an American site specializing in defense issues, which has published a ranking of the world’s military powers for 2023, dares to make a frightening comparison between the two most powerful forces. On the African continent – ​​in this case Morocco and Algeria – and also from the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region. Indeed, both qualitatively and quantitatively, they are anomalies that do not lend themselves to any explanation in the field.

According to this ranking, Algeria is ranked 26th ahead of MoroccoTh A place corresponding to the quality of the kingdom in 61Th condition. However, Algeria is not the first country in North Africa. This honor goes to Egypt with 14Th ranking. Out of 145 countries, the US site ranks Morocco 61stTh World place and in 6Th continent, respectively Egypt (0.2224), Algeria (0.3911), South Africa (0.4885), Nigeria (0.5587), Ethiopia (0.7979) and Angola (0.8732). He is ranked 7thTh That puts MENA behind Egypt, Israel (0.2757), Saudi Arabia (0.3626), Algeria, Iraq (0.7365) and the United Arab Emirates (0.8732).

The finalized ranking uses more than 60 individual factors to determine a given country’s PowerIndex (“PwrIndx”) score, with categories ranging from military unit size and financial status to logistical capabilities and geography to weapons quality. Morocco’s 1.0524 (optimal score of 0.0000). The Global Firepower (GFP) global ranking takes into account a state’s perspective among the 145 states it conducted its research and analysis on, fighting war on land, sea or air in conventional ways. Equipment, natural resources, manpower, finance and geography, of course, are mentioned.

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Also, the podium is occupied by the world’s leading power USA (0.0712), Russia (0.0714) and China (0.0722). India (0.1025) is 4th, England is 5th (0.1435) and South Korea (0.1505) is 6th.Th Square. 7 for PakistanTh (0.1694) and Japan (0.1711) find themselves at 8Th Square. France, for its part, is still one of the top 10 military powers. She comes at 9Th Place (0.1848), followed by Italy, closes this top 10 (0.1973).

The Royal Armed Forces (FAR), in terms of its army personnel, has 1,761 tanks and 31,972 armored vehicles, 453 self-propelled artillery units, 211 towed artillery units and 48 rocket projectors mobiles. The Royal Air Force (FRA) has 250 military aircraft with 83 fighter aircraft, 2 tanker aircraft and 64 helicopters. In terms of manpower, FAR has 375,000 military men and women, 200,000 in active service, 150,000 in reserve and 25,000 in paramilitary forces. According to Global Firepower, 40% of the total Moroccan population is ready for military service.

Morocco is in the midst of a facelift and modernization of its military and infrastructure, and we can see it through various investments, radars, drones, missiles, patrol boats, fighter jets, refurbishing T2 tanks… In addition, Morocco has recently increased the production of arms and ammunition and various types of military It embarked on the development of industries, especially the maintenance of military aircraft, the production of drones capable of carrying out surveillance operations, intelligence gathering and attack. Morocco has allocated more than 62 billion dirhams for defense in its 2023 financial law (39.5 billion in the operational budget and 5.2 billion DH for the cost of equipment).

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