May 30, 2023

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Morocco has always been successful in negotiating with Spain here

The meeting between Pedro Sanchez and King Mohammed VI on April 7 with Nasser Borida, Morocco’s envoy to Spain’s Foreign Minister Jose Manuel Albarez, did not reassure Spanish diplomatic circles. Normalizing relations between the two countries. At the end of the meeting, Albarez announced on Twitter that the two countries would strengthen their economic cooperation and strengthen their fight against human trafficking and illegal immigration. Discussion.

“It seems like anything has happened in recent weeks, but it is a thought strategy developed over time by course experts. Instead of weighing the pros and cons of the decision lightly, the executive acted hastily in the face of Mohammed VI’s anger. […] Spain’s reaction seems to be surrendering above all else, ”said a source close to the Spanish Foreign Ministry.

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Second, Spain’s foreign policy towards the Maghreb needs to be reconsidered. “We are always focused on the three legs of the tripod created in Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia. With the recent decisions of President Sanchez and Minister Albarez, this organization is unbalanced …” , “Contains a sequence of consistent and consistent actions over decades”.

According to an expert in international relations, who did not want to be named, Spain does not know how to resolve routine crises and, unlike Morocco, has always known how to hold its upper hand “whenever there is a crisis with Spain”. “Maxon knows how to wait for the right opportunity; When our governments show weakness, they take advantage of it, ”the expert explained.

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