March 30, 2023

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Morocco has moved up 5 places in 12 years

British think tank Legatum Institute ranked Morocco 96th out of 167 countries in its latest Prosperity Index for 2023, which measures indicators such as economic growth, education, health.

The Legatum Prosperity Index 2023 has tracked 167 countries over the past 16 years, examining 12 pillars and 300 indicators. For the organization, prosperity requires not only economic development but also political and social development.

According to the 16th edition of the index, countries like Denmark continue to top the index because well-functioning liberal institutions, open markets and societies help people realize their potential and improve their quality of life.

In fact, three Scandinavian countries top the rankings, notably Denmark, followed by Norway and Sweden, while Yemen and South Sudan are at the bottom of the rankings respectively. For the MENA region, the United Arab Emirates is in first place, followed by Qatar and Kuwait, followed by Morocco in 7th place.

Globally, Morocco shows slow progress, in 2013, the Kingdom ranked 100th, moved to 97th in 2022, and then settled at 96th in 2023. In addition, ” ESince 2011, Morocco has gained 5 places in the ranking“, said the ambassador.

In terms of ranking according to the indicators established by the organization, Morocco ranks 62nd in terms of safety and security, 89th in terms of governance and 95th in terms of economic quality and quality of life.

Also, the kingdom performed well in the areas of business environment, infrastructure and market access. On these two indicators, the country ranks 55th and 57th respectively. According to the think tank, the investment climate has registered a very significant improvement compared to the previous decade.

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In contrast, Morocco ranks 86th and 122nd in health and education. The company says it is weakest in social capital and ranks 162.

The agency said the main weaknesses in the Middle East and North Africa are institutional. He explained that the situation has worsened in the areas of safety and security, personal freedom and governance, noting that the region often ranks last or second for each of these pillars.

It is important to note that this index represents a transformative tool that provides a unique perspective on how prosperity develops and develops in the world. Leaders around the world can use it to set their growth and development agendas.