March 25, 2023

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Morocco hides behind the peace

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Commenting on the massacre of three Algerians by the Moroccan occupation army in Birlahlo, Abdelkader Taleb Omar slammed the monarchy’s official silence. “Morocco,” he said, “does not dare to admit guilt or openly deny …”
According to Ahmed Adimi, Makhzen endorses the “terrorist policy of blocking the road for all those trying to access the Mauritanian market.” The educator rejected the direct military confrontation with Morocco, the “power of the Algerian military” and the geopolitical situation.
“France has no interest because there are more than 6 million Algerians living in France,” he explains. HH


Correction: Constance

These include overcoming the crisis, restoring peace and security in Libya, turning the page on fraternal conflicts and bloody struggles, restoring compulsory political stability and building the rule of law, and realizing the priorities of the current stage. The election deadline is set for December 24 under UN, free, fair, inclusive and credible elections, the withdrawal of mercenaries and foreign powers, the integration of institutions and the attainment of national reconciliation.
Progress is being made. The most notable actions were the signing of the Ceasefire Agreement on October 23, 2020, the reunification of state-owned enterprises and the establishment of a national unity government in March 2021.

As for the crisis that has rocked Libya for ten years, Algeria’s position is stable. It is based on its principle and its basic principles, namely respect for the sovereignty, independence and unity of the states, non-interference in their internal affairs, respect for the rules of good neighbors, peaceful settlement of disputes and support for just cause.
As for Libya, our country calls on all foreign parties in all its forms to respect Libya’s sovereignty, its territorial integrity and the independence of its decisions. This country needs effective membership and support to undoubtedly maintain its sovereignty and the integrity of its territory in the current critical period it is going through.

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In it, the Algerian approach, especially in relation to holding regular and transparent elections that bring Libya to its target, is a criterion for encouragement and support and an example. Is an important platform that can contribute to resolving the crisis. Its efforts to support the closure of Libyan forces were reaffirmed during the meeting between the Foreign Minister and the Nation, until Algeria’s firm and loyal ties and restores its lasting solidarity, security and stability only with the Libyan people. The community abroad, on the sidelines of the Paris Conference, is Ramdane Lamamra and his counterpart Natjla al-Mangush. As for Algeria, Libya’s stability is essential and its economic development is essential, especially in the grim region. In fact, the terrorist attacks and the increasing insecurity in the Sahel countries, as well as the consequences of their instability, are additional elements that provoke instability and undermine the foundations of the states.

The question for the international community is what the chances of winning these elections are, and especially for the acceptance of their results by all militants. The Libyans are tired of the conflict, and we can assume that they will vote on “T” day.
It is a very reasonable hope that Libya will meet history and meet expectations.


Broad angle: The price of failures

Is it possible to summarize the fate of the planet in the conversation of the deaf between rich and poor countries? The expansion of the Glasgow Climate Summit summarizes this inevitable equation between the growth and reduction of greenhouse factors that contribute to global warming. Putting your hand in your pocket can be a daunting task, even if the goal is to save some billions of people from extinction due to an increase in island states threatening the sea level or a shortage of blue gold causing a planetary drought. , So as not to trigger famine, other climatic imbalances and the resulting emigration. The discomfort caused during this summit appeared from the first hours and it was difficult to reach a common reason for the gradual removal of fossil fuels such as coal.

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Nevertheless, India, a country with the world’s largest solar panels, cannot do without coal, which, like Australia, accounts for two-thirds of its energy consumption. To achieve ecological change, money must come as quickly as possible. For some ambassadors at the summit, especially Africans, the talks are “a bit of a stumbling block” and the United States, with the support of the European Union, is delaying them. Poor countries are disappointed with the way the British Presidency plans have been developed and how it has become a “negotiation between the worlds of the rich”. He said poor countries could not accept the proposal. Despite the optimistic views of the British Prime Minister who spoke of a “promising end”, the divide between rich and poor was already over.

A discovery confirmed by US Climate Ambassador John Kerry said behind the scenes that climate talks were “getting lost”. Friction point: money. As agreed at the Paris summit, rich countries have failed to provide $ 100 billion a year to poor countries by 2020, which has angered developing countries. “Don’t call them donor countries. They are pollutants. They are indebted to this money. “Whatever the outcome of this summit, it is now clear that national interests take precedence over the fate of mankind. Meetings in Paris and Glasgow, like the ones in Rio or Copenhagen in 2009, are a failure, for which we will pay a heavy price one morning …

By Mourad Termoul

El Mouthjahid, 14/11/2021

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