May 29, 2023

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Morocco in sight

Corruption envelope

While the European Parliament is in the grip of a corruption scandal involving Qatar, investigators now suspect Morocco of bribing MEPs.

The Qatargate currently rocking the European Parliament has new implications for Morocco. At the start of the scandal was the bribe paid by Qatar to Eva Kylie, who was fired as European Parliament vice-president. As part of an investigation led by Brussels judge Michel Claise, Belgian police questioned Eva Kylie’s wife Francesco Giorgi, who had already disclosed several details about the Qatari payments. He also accused Morocco in his confession.

Corruption in the European Parliament after Qatar, Morocco

Originally Francesco Giorgi was a parliamentary assistant to Pier-Antonio Panzeri, an Italian Socialist MEP who, according to Belgian police, is at the center of a corruption network. Through Fight Impunity, a non-governmental organization he co-founded, he would have set up a vast system of corruption for the benefit of Qatar, perhaps even the Sherifian Kingdom.

Western Sahara Alpha and Omega of Moroccan Politics

Again, as with the Pegasus affair, Western Sahara is at the center of Morocco’s attention. The kingdom still seems to have crossed the red line. French daily Le Monde describes it The story of a mysterious spy Morocco at the center of the Belgian investigation.

At the center of the investigation is Abderrahim Atmoun, the current Moroccan ambassador to Poland. Le Monde says that in 2019 he worked as an intermediary to establish “a secret agreement” with the Moroccan secret services DGED. The newspaper notes that at this time two MEPs were already suspected of corruption, the Italian Andrea Cozzolin and the Belgian Marc Darabella.

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We remember that in the Pegasus scandal, Morocco is suspected of tapping the phones of several European dignitaries. In Spain, the Serifian kingdom was accused of pressuring Pedro S├ínchez, the head of government at the time. Tap wife’s conversations.

The investigation will continue. It seems that more information will be released in the coming days.